Домашние 21 л пищевые отходы bokashi пластиковые Кухонные компостные ящики/

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Product Overview


Particularly important notes:Due to the special transportation of EM bran bacteria in the product, it cannot be sent together with the compost barrel. Please purchase it separately.

Product Description

Product Name
21l compost bin with EM fungus bran
Effective time:
1)Liquid fertilizer will be produced in 3 to 7 days, and the tap can be opened every 1-2 days to collect. Liquid fertilizer can be used as root fertilizer or leaf fertilizer after being diluted 50 times
2)The organic fertilizer will be produced about 3 weeks after the kitchen waste is fully composted. The mycelium will be removed and no liquid fertilizer will be removed. The kitchen waste will be fermented and decomposed into organic fertilizer, which can bury the mature organic fertilizer in the soil under the plant.
3)Neither solid nor liquid fertilizer stinks


1.Select our products, pour kitchen waste on the base plate and sprinkle EM fungus bran。
2.Put the kitchen waste which has been dehydrated into the bucket and add EM germ bran to stir (it can be filled once or added many times)
3.Wait for the kitchen waste to decompose, use the tap to take out the lower liquid fertilizer, and the upper solid fertilizer can be used as the base fertilizer

Classification suggestions

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Lock cover
Ensure tightness and oxygen isolation, so that anaerobic fermentation will not fail

Visible oxygen screen
In the middle of fermentation, open the top cover to speed up the process, and observe the fermentation process to prevent mosquitoes from entering

Inner cover

The inner cover can be taken out to give oxygen to accelerate ripening

The built-in filter plate can block large particles, prevent the faucet from being blocked, and make it easier to collect liquid fertilizer

Water tap
The bottom of the composting barrel is provided with a tap to receive liquid fertilizer

Handle makes the product easy to move

Successful picture display

Solid fertilizer
Under the environment of 25-35 ℃, it is generally rotted completely in a month. When the end of the barrel is opened to see the white mycelium, it indicates that the composting is successful, and then it can be poured out to make soil fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer
If the garbage is mostly fruit peel vegetables with rich water content, liquid fertilizer can be received in 3-4 days under the fermentation environment of 25-35 ℃。


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