150ml/min inhalation breathing machine hydrogen rich water (1600190226962)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Name
Hydrogen inhalation machine
HIM-22 Hydrogen generator
HYDROGEN, Home/Hotel Use
Production Capacity:

Hydrogen Purity:
99.99% Hydrogen gas
Hydrogen inhalation Machine / Hydrogen water maker
High capacity / Easy Operation
Package Type:
1pcs: Gift box G.W.:4kgs
1 year
Input power
Working water
Purified water / Distilled water
Continous working time
4 hour(Working time interval is not less than 1 hour)
Other funtion
Hydrogen water machine

* Product performance description
Input power: AC 110-220V/50Hz Rated power: 80W Hydrogen purity: 99.99% Air output: 150ML/min Water tank capacity: 250ML Shell
Applicable raw water type: purified water/distilled water (TDS<5ppm) Electrolysis method: SPE,PEM
hydrogen-oxygen separation electrolysis hydrogen production Electrode membrane material: imported from the United States DuPont
proton membrane + high-purity platinum coating Host size/net weight: 120*120*190mm /1.6KG Packing size / gross weight:

Benefits of inhaling hydrogen
Household portable hydrogen inhalation machine * Hydrogen is poorly soluble in water, and therefore most of it comes out in
gaseous form into the air, thus, by inhalation it is possible to obtain a large concentration of hydrogen over a short period of
time. * The inhalation of hydrogen( HHO) allows the body to get a large amount of hydrogen. It is better absorbed by the brain,
nervous system, circulatory system and lung. The inhalation of gaseous 2% hydrogen( HHO) for 60 minutes is equivalent to the use
of 900 liters of hydrogen water (concentration @ 670,000 ppm). * For inhalation below 4% is safe, because it is below the level of
flammability. * It is extremely unique as it has the capability to act at the cellular level. * It can cross the blood brain
barrier, enter the mitochondria and even translocate to the nucleus. * It is an effective molecule to neutralize the toxic
radicals in the body. * It reduces the oxidative stress in various disorders and organ systems including the digestive,
cardiovascular and respiratory systems. * It negates the toxicity of oxygen. * It is an ideal antioxidant molecule due to its
small size. It does reconstruction work in places where other antioxidants cannot reach due to their large size. * It stimulates
energy metabolism as measured by oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. * It elevates oral medicine to the level of
intra-venous medicine because of quick absorption and dispersion deep into the cells. * Excellent for detoxification, due to its
high permeability and solubility. * Induces a state of DEEP SLEEP.

Hydrogen inhalation machine are very popular nowadays. Many Chinese customers are buying and using hydrogen inhalation machines. There are many hydrogen health product experience stores in China.
Experts are teaching customers the benefits of using hydrogen generators.Hydrogen inhalation machine are very popular nowadays. Many Chinese customers are buying and using hydrogen inhalation machines.
There are many hydrogen health product experience stores in China.
This is our company’s exhibition hall. Every day, many Chinese and foreign customers come to visit our factory and experience our company’s hydrogen inhalation machine, hydrogen water bottle and water ionizer.

Company Profile

Huayang Xinli Water Treatment (Foshan) Co., Ltd. is an integrated high-tech enterprise. We are engaged in scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. The factory office is located in room 2603,international plaza,1 chengmentouxi rode,chancheng district,foshan.
Huayang Xinli company is a member unit of Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Association. The factory adopts strictly quality system standard, most of the products have passed C E certification, and have a lot of patents at the same time.
Huayang Xinli company has its own core patented technology: ultra-high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen separation hydrogen production technology. At present, it has built a high-standard hydrogen science and technology museum exhibition hall, committed to building and developing a hydrogen health sharing ecosystem, and actively leading the transformation of the global hydrogen industry.
Huayang Xinli company is committed to the technical development and product development of electrolysis equipment in the water treatment field for more than 15 years, and the products are sold at home and abroad. There are two series of existing industrial products and household products
household series include: hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water machine, Alkaline water ionizer, hydrogen eye massager, hydrogen inhalation machine, hydrogen water bottle,etc.
Industrial products include: large hydrogen water machine(for agricultural irrigation and breeding, water treatment machine, commercial water ionizer, large hydrogen water generator, strong alkaline / acidic electrolyzed water generator; electrolyzed water generator.
We are looking forward to get more cooperation.

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