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Based on the characteristics of fertilizer requirements during crop growth ,carefully formulated highly concentrated , fully water soluble ,fully nutritious ,1000% chelated element fertilizers, improve product quality ,and do not contain hormones. it is the first choise for high-grade fertilizer for green organic agricultural products and can quickly meet crop needs. The demand for nitrogen ,phosphorus,and potassium promotes healthy crop plants,increase fruit sweetness, and increases vegetable yield.


Efficacy characteristics:
1) 100% water soluble and water soluble quickly, suitable for various irrigation and fertilization systems;
2) Green and safe, high-purity raw material production, no pollution, hazardous residues, and no elements harmful to the soil;
3) Less impurities, all kinds of plants, seedlings and greenhouse flowers are safe and applicable, and will not form salt accumulation in the soil after long-term use.
4) Fast-acting nutrition. Trace elements such as iron, copper, boron, manganese, zinc, and molybdenum exist in a chelated state, which is easy to absorb, and takes effect quickly. It will not react with phosphoric acid and will not produce precipitation.
5) Comprehensive nutrition, provide the necessary macronutrient elements and trace elements for crops, fertilize symptomatically,and choose a comprehensive variety;
6) Unique formula, with many years of experience, hundreds of unique formulas have been created to provide a comprehensive series of high-efficiency water-soluble fertilizers.
7) When used as foliar fertilizer, it can quickly penetrate into the leaf surface. It can also be used together with various pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
8) Unique formula, years of experience, no caking, no chlorine, 100 unique formulas, can provide a comprehensive series of high-efficiency water-soluble fertilizers.

Scope of application:
Greenhouse planting, open-air planting, greenhouse planting, balcony planting

Applicable crops:

Used in tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine and flowers
Used for watermelon, melon, etc.
For fruits and vegetables
Used for underground tubers

Comprehensive nutrition-----contains 12 kinds of essential nutrients for plants
Nutritional balance-carefully formulated based on the characteristics of fertilizer requirements during crop growth
Instant-dissolve completely in water and various water products
Good compatibility---can be used with most plant fertilizers

Application crop

1)NPK 15-30-15 2)NPK 12-24-12 3)NPK 12-36-12 4)NPK 12-42-12 5) NPK 11-22-16
Apply high-phosphorus fertilizers at the early stage of crop growth to promote root development
In the first week after planting, or in the new stage, water the crops with a solution of 0.25 g of fertilizer per liter of water.

1)NPK 24.10.10 2)NPK 30.10.10 3)NPK 20.10.20 4)NPK 18.18.18 5)NPK 19.19.19 6)NPK 20.20.20
In the higher nitrogen demand stage, according to the practice of plant growth, it is usually watered with a solution of 0.25-0.75g fertilizer per liter of water.

1)NPK 15.05.30 2)NPK 12.12.36 3)NPK 16.08.24 4)NPK 17.08.25 5)NPK 10.05.40 6)NPK 15.15.30
During the growth and maturity stage of the fruit, it is suitable for formulas with higher potassium content, usually 0.5-1g per liter of water for watering

1)TE (EDTA) 2)Fe:1000ppm 3)Mn:500ppm 4)Zn:100ppm 5)Mg:300ppm 6)Cu: 100pp
Contains chelated trace elements, which can provide complete nutrients to various plants. Supplement the nutrients needed in the growth in time, especially suitable for the rapid growth of field crops, vegetables and
nursery crops.

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NPK Water soluble organic fertilizer could have 100g bag ,1kg bag ,1kg carton, 10kg bag ,25kg bag and 50kg bag

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