Factory supply discount price nano uv liquid waterproof coating spray liquid coating (1600190417855)

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Product Overview


Place of Origin
Main Raw Material
Boat Paint, Building Coating, Furniture Paint, Paper Coating
Application Method
Model Number
SC-6738 matte coating
Product Feature
The advantage of low gloss, yellowing resistance, excellent scratch re
Products application
PVC\PE\photo paper\canvas\leather\decorative painting\PP etc
Yellowish turbid liquid
5KG plastic tank
storage period of 6 months at a temperature of 0-50℃
solid content
coating with 4 jar in 25 second/25℃
≥1H (pencil hardness)
20 degree(60 degree vanceometer) drying speed:40-70Ft/Min/80W/Cm/Lamp
Company Profile
Hefei Kana Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was newly established in April 2020 and is located in Hefei National High-tech Development Zone. The KANA team started focusing on surface coating technology in 2006, and its product development has obtained a number of national authorized patent certificates. Hefei Kana is committed to the R&D, production and marketing of LED cold light source energy-saving coating equipment and surface environmental protection coating materials, and strives to replace all kinds of PVC cold-laminated film protection.
Our Advantages
1. Exclusive patent advantage: Hefei Kana Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. began to focus on surface coating technology in 2006. Its inkjet printing coating series products are in the leading position in the industry, and product development has obtained a number of national authorized patent certificates.
2. Professional production advantages: Hefei Kana Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production, promotion and sales of LED cold light source energy-saving coating equipment and surface environmental protection coating materials. It is a professional inkjet coating supplier.
3. Market advantage: Hefei Kana Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. provides services in the public transportation fields of Beijing Bus, Hangzhou Bus, Nanjing Bus, Shanghai Bus, Kunming Bus and other cities in Mainland China. Cooperate with urban rail transit such as Hangzhou Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Ningbo Metro and Beijing Metro. Directly or indirectly provide inkjet printing coating application services for JCDecaux Media, Yashiwei Media, White Horse Company, CBS and other companies.
4. Product advantages: KANA coating machine adopts LED cold-light energy-saving curing system, which cures immediately after opening, no high temperature is generated without preheating, and the life of LED light source can reach 15,000 hours. After being processed by the coating machine, the inkjet product can still be used at a high temperature of 68°C and a low temperature of -20°C. The screen is scratch-resistant and anti-aging, without shrinkage, curling, bubbles and wrinkles, and increases the finished product. The weather resistance.
5. Environmental advantages: The liquid coating can well cover the chemical odors emitted by inkjet inks and adhesive-based adhesives; prevent polyvinyl chloride products from causing secondary harm to the environment, comply with the state’s "plastic limit order" policy, and strive to replace all Like PVC cold laminating film protection.
6. Price advantage: The coating liquid can be recycled without being cured by the light source, and the loss is low; the substrate has no wide size and specification restrictions, which can reduce the stocking quantity and cost.
7. Quality assurance: Purchasing high-quality brand materials for the core components of the product not only ensures the stability of product quality, but also reduces the product maintenance rate.
8. After-sale guarantee: After-sales maintenance response is fast, 24 hours online technical support.
Production Process
Packaging & shipping
1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? We are a professional coating machine manufacturer with our own design team and factory, with mature technical experience, and can guarantee product quality and best price. 2. How to install and use the machine? Once you have ordered the equipment from us, we will send you an English version of the operation video via email. You just need to connect the power cable and start using it. If necessary, we can also video guide you to operate the machine. 3. What price can I get? We usually quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are in a hurry to ask for the price, please let us know in the mail so that we can respond to your inquiry first. 4. Do you inspect finished products? Yes, every step of production and finished products must pass QC inspection before shipment. 5. What is the lead time for mass production? The lead time for large quantities depends on the quantity of the order and the season you placed the order. If you need it urgently, we will make a special arrangement for you.

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