6x светодиодное освещение 3 Вт с регулируемой яркостью и дистанционным управлением IP65 против проникновения воды

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Product Overview


Product Description

6x LED Lighting 3W Dimmable with Remote Control IP65 against Water Penetration

6 dimmable LED spotlights for flexible lighting: inside and outside
With these LED spotlights you can light your house and garden as you wish. Create optical accentuations and let your home shine in the best light!

* Flexible lighting everywhere: with 6 LED spotlights you can light up both interior rooms and outside areas as you please. 4 m long cables on each light allow installation even in normally inaccessible areas and the cable can easily be hidden on the ceiling
* Many variations: the LED spotlights are dimmable so that many lighting moods can be achieved
* Comfortable controls: with the included remote control you can control the lights with little effort
* Pleasant light: the LED spotlights shine in warm white – this is especially pleasant for the human eyes
* Install once, use for a long time: the spotlights are made with high-quality Taba LEDs which have a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Item Type
Light Source
Support Dimmer
Lifespan (hours)
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)
220 Lumen per spot – 1320Lumen total
IP Rating

Create interior highlights

Create interior highlights

These LED spotlights are broadly applicable in your home. Thanks to the 4-metre-long cable, flexible constructions are possible, in which the cables can be hidden. A long, dark corridor can be illuminated brilliantly with these LED spotlights. In your bathroom, you can create a comfortable atmosphere, which calls for relaxation. AS these spots are protected from water penetration according to IP65, you mustn’t worry about water from your shower damaging them. They also create perfect lighting for your morning routine.

These spots are also perfect for specific highlights. For example, you could shine their light upon a beautiful picture in your living room. The LEDs are also perfect in your garage or garden hut as flexible lighting – for example if you also use your garage as a workshop.

Examples for interior application:
* Draw attention to various decoration elements
* Better lighting for make-up and general self-care in the bathroom
* Better lighting of dark rooms, bringing them to life
* More light when working in the kitchen
* For your workshop or garage

Illuminate your patio and garden

Illuminate your patio and garden

While the LED spotlights enhance your interior spaces, they really show what they can do outside. Light a path in the garden by placing the spots on the side in the lawn. Or create some accents on your next garden party by hiding the spots in some bushes.
The light of the spots breaks through them and creates a beautiful effect. Since all LED spots are dimmable, you can alter their luminosity and create unique lightshows.

In your carport, you can make sure with these spotlights that you can drive in and out of it without a problem, even in the dark. Your patio can also be lit by installing the spotlights on the canopy. That way you can enjoy the fresh air on your patio until
late at night.

Examples for exterior application:
* Light garden paths
* Light patio or carport
* As party decoration
* In garden huts

Technical data of the LED spotlights

Technical data of the LED spotlights
* 6 LED spotlights
* 3 Watt per LED
* Pre-wired transformer
* Remote control
* 4 metres of cable per spotlight
* 220 Lumen per spot – 1320 Lumen total
* 30 degrees beam angle
* 50,000 hours lifespan
* IP65 water protection

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