3V 6mm Red Dot scope Copper semiconductor Laser tube laser head laser diode

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The laser diode is consist of light emitting die, condenser lens, adjustable sleeve, the users only need to connecte to 5V DC power to work.

mainly used in laser toys, all kinds of level meter:
Electronic pointer pen: The teacher uses laser projection points to remind students to observe and think.
Electronic level: Let the motor drive the bald head to rotate or twist, and project it into a straight line on the wall for reference when decorating or posting New Year pictures.
Miniature LCD projection: Remove the condenser lens and let the laser pass through the controllable LCD screen to produce a clear projection on the wall.

Laser remote listener: the laser is irradiated on a glass room eavesdropping, and then receives the laser beam reflected back to the glass, to detect the vibration of the glass out of the room to the sound reduction.
Remote light control anti-theft alarm: the need to protect the fish pond in the corner or the watermelon fields in the launch tube fitted with laser and light-sensitive resistors, in the other three corners of the mirror mounted on the back to form a protective zone.
Laser distance wireless communication: the use of a pair of laser transmitters and receivers are facing each other in two distant roof, the use of single-chip serial communication protocol you can send and receive files, and even networking.
Parameters of 3V laser diode:

small laser copper head (red light)
Transmitting power
Standard size
Working life
more than 1000 hours
Spot mode
dot scope, continuous output
Laser wavelength
650nm (red)
Light output power
Power supply voltage
Working current
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Light spot size
the light spot at 15 meters is φ10mm~φ15mm

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