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Main material
Cotton/ Polyester/ Acrylic/ Coolmax/ Bamboo
Casual Socks

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Material And Type

1. Combed cotton and carded cotton 
All are pure cotton.Combed cotton has less short fibers and impurities, the fibers are straight and parallel, the yarn is uniform, and the surface is smoother. Carded cotton is rough, has a texture, and is not uniform.
 2. Acrylic cotton 
It belongs to blended yarn. It has a plump hand feel, is more wear-resistant than cotton, has a brighter color, and is evenly dry. It also has the function of cotton to absorb sweat and deodorize. 
3. Mercerized cotton 
Mercerized cotton is cotton processed by mercerizing. Compared with its raw cotton fiber, it has the advantages of better gloss, more comfortable hand feeling and relatively less wrinkle. 
4. Silkworm cotton 
Silk and cotton blended, soft to the touch, more absorbent than cotton, and more elastic than cotton. 
5. Wool 
Wool is also a traditional natural fiber, which is known for its good warmth retention. It also has the characteristics of good elasticity, full hand feeling, strong moisture absorption, not resistant to insects, not easy to stain, soft luster, and excellent dyeability.
6. Rabbit fur
The fiber is soft, fluffy, has good warmth retention, good moisture absorption capacity, but low strength. 
7. Nitrile wool 
Acrylic fiber blended with wool has the warmth of wool and is more wear-resistant than wool, but it does not absorb sweat. It is mostly used in winter styles. 
8. Color cotton 
Because it has a unique natural color, it does not require chemical treatment such as printing and dyeing in the textile processing process. It is a new type of green, environmentally friendly, healthy and ecological textile material. The color is soft, natural, elegant, friendly to the skin, and has good moisture absorption and breathability.
9. Polyester 
Polyester has high strength and abrasion resistance, wrinkle resistance exceeds all fibers, and the fabric has good shape retention. Due to the lack of hydrophilic groups in the composition of polyester, the fiber has very little moisture absorption. Polyester has strong light resistance, second only to polyacrylonitrile fiber. Its heat resistance is also very good, and it is not moldy or decayed. 
10. Nylon 
It is a synthetic fiber. The abrasion resistance is particularly excellent, ranking first among common textile fibers, but it does not absorb sweat and smelly feet. If it is only used for jacquard, it will basically not affect the performance of the socks itself. 
11. Spandex 
It is a synthetic fiber. It has the characteristics of high elongation and high elasticity, and has better acid resistance, alkali resistance, light resistance and abrasion resistance. 
12. Lycra 
Lycra elastic fiber has unique stretching and retraction characteristics. Socks containing Lycra elastic fiber can be smoothly attached to the legs, and the movement is completely unconstrained and feels more comfortable.
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—— ODM / OEM ——
Provide professional design services. Just tell me your request and we will make it.
Method 1: Provide logo or design, we make it completely based on it.
Method 2: If you only have preliminary ideas, we can help you design and knit the socks.

Retail packing
We offer individual opp bag, header card, plastic hook etc, for the retail packing.

Customized packing
We also offer customized packing service, with your logo or brand printed on your label.

Export packing
We use export carton with marks for the protection of the long way shipping.

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