High Reflection Large Diameter Optical Flat Reflective Mirror

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Product Description

Focusing Mirrors, or Concave Mirrors, are often used in applications that require light collection. Focusing Mirrors are also ideal for use in imaging systems, as they do not introduce chromatic aberration. As light strikes the surface of a Concave Mirror, the mirror’s surface profile causes the reflected light to focus to a point.

Spherical metalic mirrors
Ebetter Optics offers a variety of Focusing Mirrors with a range of metallic mirror coatings, or with either spherical or parabolic surface profiles. Metallic mirror coatings include Aluminum or Gold. Aluminum metallic mirror coatings are ideal for enhancing the reflectance of Ultraviolet (UV) or Visible wavelengths. Gold metallic mirrors coatings are used for applications requiring high reflectance in the Near-Infrared (NIR) or Infrared (IR) regions. Protected mirror coatings increase the coating’s durability. Parabolic Focusing Mirrors do not introduce spherical aberration into the system. Off-axis parabolic surfaces redirect the reflected light so that the light is not focusing back towards the source.

Diameter Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance
Surface Flatness
Surface Quality
20/10 or better
Clear Aperture
including Aluminum, Gold, Silver, or Dielectric
Protective bevel as needed
±30 Arc Seconds

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Company Introduction

Shenyang Ebetter Optics Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision optical components and optical lens, diffraction grating manufacture. Since the company was established, it has been committed to the research and production and sales. We can carry out the optical system design and production of related accessories,and moreover we have already got import and export rights. nowadays products have been sold to many countries and regions,and established long-term good relations of cooperation with the optical companies of United States,Canada,the European Union and other countries. We get a good reputation with quality products.


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