Магнитный прибор для размягчения воды, магнит для размягчения воды 12800, Гаусс/1,28, Tesla Magiko, магнит для водяного размягчителя и пульверизатор для дома (1600194837993)

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Magnetic Water Descaler Y2-M Water Softener Magnet 12,800 Gauss / 1.28 Tesla Magiko Waterontharder Magneet & Ontkalker For Home




Large Strong Gauss Magnetic No Salt Water Softener Filter for Home Use

Product Info:


1.Item Name: Neodymium Magnet Magnetic Water Conditioner WATER SOFTENER Magnet

2.Material: Aluminum + Permanent Magnet + PVC Sheet  

3.Model: Y2-M, APOLLO-M, Y2-M, Y34-M, Y4-M More and more New Models will come. 

ModelMagnetic StrengthQuantity per setDiameterPackingNet Weight
Y4-M12800gauss1 pair1/4”-2”( 60mm)Steel box1.2kg
Y3-M19800gauss4 pc3"-4"(75-102mm)Steel box1.5kg
Y2-M12800gauss1 pair1/4”-2”( 60mm)Steel box1.2kg
Apollo-M7500gauss1 pair1/4”-3/2”Steel box0.15kg
KP-110800gauss1 pair1/2”-3/2”Colour box0.5kg
LP-X8000gauss1 pair1/2”-2”Colour box0.15kg
XP-12000gauss1 pair1/2”-3/2”Blister0.06kg
JP-12800gauss1 pair1/2”-3/2”White box0.35kg
FP-6S+5000gauss1 pc65-100mmBlister0.31kg
FP-6S5000gauss1 pc70-92mmBlister0.25kg
FP-63500gauss1 pc65-90mmBlister0.12kg
NP-16500gauss1 pair1/2”-3/2”Blister0.35kg
SP-25200gauss2 pairs1/2”-3/2”Blister0.1kg
SP-45200gauss4 pairs1/2”-3/2”Blister0.2kg
UP-26200gauss2 pairs1/2”-3/2”Blister0.11kg
UP-46200gauss4 pairs1/2”-3/2”Blister




4. Instructions: Most of our magnetic WATER SOFTENER products have easy-install function,with high gauss magnets 

inside Improve the effiency of the water using.


5. More Items of Magnetic Water Conditioner : 


7. Inspection of Magnetic Water Conditioner : 

Depending on Advanced R&D center, quality control team and professional machining technicians, we can surpass our competition in the stability of quality and superiority of property.


8. Packing of Magnetic Water Conditioner : 

Each set package in thick corrugated paper carton, Export Standard Wooden pallet with Stretching  Film well protected.


9. Transportation of Magnetic Water Conditioner : 

All shipping methods could offer with suitable package: Express, Air or Sea, with transit tracking regardless. Shipper or freight forwarder may be appointed by either purchaser or Dailymag.


Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener Magnetic Water Conditioner is assembled strong NdFeB magnet parts. It forces +/- hydronium temporarily into cathode to exchange water molecule and mineral hydronium, makes Ca2+/Mg2+ to unite electron, losing cation function temporarily. therefore, even heating, it doesn't unite hydronium---for example So42-, the part makes water not to scale any more. Magnetic filter part makes water soft, and scale will be never produced in water pipe.

The strong lines of magnetic force penetrate the tube wall and generate electric current while cutting fluids within the tube(Faraday Principle). Through this way, the negatively charged tube and devices repel the also negatively charged ions, such as CO32-, O2-, fungus, stopping them from touching the tube wall. Meanwhile, it ionizes water(H2O→H++OH-), and attracted by the negatively charged tube wall, the H+of the ionized water resolves and softens the dirt until removes it from the surface.  Ionized water may reduce the water surface tension and facilitate the sedimentation of impurities.

After passing through the strong magnetic field of rare earth, molecules of regular water is polarized and charged, thus transforming the structure of calcium ion and magnesian ion(shaping into inert crystal) to prevent it from encrustment. Simultaneously, water alters in the following dimensions: 
1. The water surface tension descends.
2. The salt solubility increases much.
3.  Molecules of water transform from large to small micellae to improve its activity.
4. The penetrability of water strengthens.
5. It will enhance the oxygen content of water.  

In this way, the water will be characterized with features of soft and magnetizing water.



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