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Sodium Hydrosulfide
• NaHS
• 16721-80-5.mol• CAS No. 16721-80-5
• EINECS No. 240-778-0
The chemical compound with the formula NaHS.Sodium Hydrosulfide is applied in the leather industry, waste water treatment, soil remediation, the mining industry and pulp paper and amongst others.
Sodium hydrosulfide have 2 kinds of appearance,70%min yellow flake and 30% yellowsih liquid.
We have different specs which depends on Fe content,we have 10ppm,15ppm,20ppm and 30ppm.Different Fe content,the quality is different.
Application as below: flotation activator, leather use, leather and textile, dyes, textile chemicals, watertreatment, leather
unhairing, leather tanning, leather agent, dyeing, textile chemical, mining chemical, dye leather, bleaching paper pulps,
flotation, gold flotation reagents, fertilizer, agriculture, mining reagents xanthate, mineral processing, fluorite flotation,
diggings, mineral processing reagents, intermediate compound, dyestuff, textile pigment, xanthate mining reagents, flotation collector, chemical fertilizers, man-made fiber production, sulfur dye auxiliaries, organic intermediates, ionizer water purifier,tanning, ammonium sulfide, ethanethiol, Sulfurous acid dyeing.
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    Sodium hydrosulfide
   (Top Class)
   Sodium Hydrosulfide
     (High Class)
    Sodium Hydrosulfide
    (First Class)
NAHS(%) ≥
NA2S(%) ≥
Fe(ppm) ≥
10ppm max
20ppm max
30ppm max
Stroage&Shelf life
Storage:Store it in a ventilated area,keep it cool and dry

Shelf life:3 years
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Chemical equation: 2NaOH+H2S=NA2S+2H2O

First Step: Use sodium hydroxide liquid absorb hydrogen sulfide generate sodium sulphide
Second Step: When sodium sulfide absorption saturation,continue to absorb hydrogen sulfide generate sodium hydrosulphide.
Company Profile
4 Production Lines
5 Million Annual Export Value

Factory Capacity: 2400mt/Month,25000mt/Year
Factory Area: 16600 m2
Warehouse: 12000 m2
Delivery Time: 7 Working days
Main Market: Asian,Middle East,South America,Eastern Europe
Sodium Hydrosulfide is used as an accelerating agent for synthesizing organic matter and as an aid to color products by sulfuration.Sodium Hydrosulfide can be used as depilatory in tanning and leather, and also be used to treat waste water.Sodium Hydrosulfide is taken as desulphur agent in chemical fertilizer, as sulfide dye agent in synthetic fibre and manufacture of ammonium sulfide, ethyl sulphur alcohol as well as raw material and semi-products in thiourea production.Sodium Hydrosulfide is widely applied as floatation agent in copper ore and sulfide dye agent in synthetic fibre.
1 Q: The Saftey of Sodium Hydrosulfide.
A: This product is flammable, corrosive, irritating, can cause the human body burns.

2 Q: The Storage of Sodium Hydrosulfide .
A: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire, heat.

3 Q: Transport considerations of Sodium Hydrosulfide .
A: During the process of transportation, to ensure that the container does not leak, do not fall, no damage.
It is strictly prohibited to mix loading with oxidizing agent,acids, Food chemicals and so on.

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