2g N2 Nitrogen Chargers for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee/Beer, 10 Count (1600196787524)

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✔️ MAKE YOUR OWN NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE AT HOME with premium nitrogen cartridges for nitro coffee. Enjoy your favorite rich and creamy cold brew coffee without leaving your home with our N2 instant charger set.
✔️ PURE NITROGEN N2 FOR BETTER-TASTING COFFEE: Stop using N20 cartridges. Nitrogen dioxide is mainly used for whipped cream and that's why your coffee tastes foamy. Our pure nitrogen chargers will make your coffee taste great - every single time.
✔️ MEGA-VALUE NITROGEN CARTRIDGE 10-PACK: Get more bang for your buck with our N2 chargers for your nitro cold brew coffee maker. Every set includes 10 x 2g cartridges, so you don't have to buy your cold brew coffee from coffee chains anymore.
✔️ SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH HEAVENLY COFFEE: Impress your friends or family with a divine nitrogen-infused coffee. All you need is the nitro cold brew coffee dispenser (sold separately) and our N2 chargers. That's it!
✔️10 x NITRO CHARGERS, 100+1 DIFFERENT USES: Unleash your creativity and bring out your inner barista with our multipurpose nitrogen canister set, which will allow you to make your own cold brew coffee, cocktails, beer or tea. You name it!

Product description
Item Package Quantity:10
Here's How You Can Easily Enjoy Your Favorite Cold Brew Coffee From The Comfort Of Your Home!
Sick and tired of spending a small fortune on expensive cold brew coffee from coffee chains?
Want to take your nitro cold brew coffee-making skills to another level?
Here's the missing ingredient for the most delicious, richest, and creamiest cold brew coffee.
Introducing The Ultimate Pure Nitrogen Cartridge 10-Pack!
Now you don't have to settle for low-quality n20 cartridges for whipped cream or nitrogen oxide chargers that make your coffee taste like foamy anymore.
The pure N2 cold brew coffee chargers are here to take all the fuss out of brewing your own nitro cold brew coffee from home and allow you to enjoy great-tasting cold brew coffee - just like coffee from major coffee chains.
Top 5 Reasons Serious Coffee Aficionados Choose Our Nitrogen Coffee Canisters:
✅ Pure Nitrogen Cartridges: Unlike N20 Chargers, Our Pure N2 Cold Brew Maker Cartridges Will Make Coffee Taste Better.
✅ Budget-Friendly Coffee At Home: Save Your Money On Expensive Nitro Cold Brew Coffee By Making It Yourself.
✅ Healthier Alternative: Replace Cream Or Milk In Your Coffee & Enjoy A Low-Cal Drink Anytime!
✅ Multipurpose: Ideal For Making DIY Cold Brew Coffee, Cocktails, Craft Beer, Matcha Beverages Or Cold Brew Tea.
✅ Ready-To-Use: Convenient Single-Use 2g Cartridges For Use With compatible Dispenser.
What You Need To Know:
Do not use for whipped cream.
NCB dispenser sold separately.
100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Specification sheet

Water Capacity Minimum
Outside Diameter Nominal
Inside pressure
Bursting Pressure

The cylinders are about 6.3 cm (2.5 inches) long and 1.8 cm (0.7 inches) wide, and are rounded at one end with a narrow tip at the other end. The chargers' walls are about 2 mm (about 1/16 inch) thick to withstand the great pressure of the gas contained within. Their interior volume is 10 cm3 (about 0.6 in³) and most brands contain 8 g of N2O under pressure. Used chargers are non-refillable, but 100% recyclable where steel recycling programs exist.
Nitrous oxide is used because it dissolves easily into the cream, and does not cause the cream to oxidize while it is in the can. Cream must have a minimum fat content of 28% to produce whipped cream with a dispenser. The recipe for the cream to be whipped typically calls for heavy cream and sugar, along with any desired flavorings or colorings. In a sealed container, this cream is pressurized with nitrous oxide, which dissolves into the cream as per its lipophilicity.
When the cream dispenser's valve is opened, the cream solution is expelled by the high pressure inside. The change in pressure causes some of the dissolved gas to return to bubbles, effectively fluffing up the cream. Nitrous oxide is bacteriostatic (it inhibits bacteria growth), so a charged cream dispenser can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
In Europe, where production and use of whip cream chargers originated, there are presently three factories involved in its production. Standard size for whipped cream chargers is 8-8.2 grams of nitrous oxide per cartridge
It is considered by professional chefs, family users and experts as the highest quality fresh cream distributor and charger ink box, which is a good reason for the brands chosen by the United States and Europe, especially Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Cost-effective! The brand cream charger is made of the best steel and must go through several strict cleaning procedures before charging nitrous oxide. This gas not only meets the "food grade" standard, but also reaches the world's highest Swiss medical standard after further purification.

- Filled with 8g of certified pure culinary-grade Nitrous Oxide N2O gas.
- Available in 10, 24 or 50pks!
- Manufactured in a state of the art factory with 10+ years experience.
- Guaranteed no-duds or leakage.
- Guaranteed no oily residue or industrial aftertaste.
- Made of 100% recyclable steel.
- Zinc coating prevents kitchen moisture from causing rust on the top of the charger.
- Easy Installation.
- Universal – standard 8g fitting.
- Disposable (Note: dispose of empty cartridge only!).
- Compatible all Standard 8 gram Nitrous Oxide Whip Cream Makers and cream charger dispenser including Creamright-Ultra-Purewhip
- Cost effective - Will turn 0.5 litre of whipping cream into a far greater volume than mechanical whipping, with 0.5 litre of cream making up to 1.5 litre of whipped cream

Our patented product, the fruit-flavored 8G Cream Charger, is well liked by suppliers around the world. Currently, we have cherry blossom flavor, cranberry flavor, strawberry flavor, peach flavor, strawberry flavor, blueberry flavor, etc., and support customized packaging and sticker customization.

rovide the lowest price and the highest quality Cream chargers, we provide OEM service, as well as the brand new agent cooperation mode of the countries and regions all over the world. The packaging, LOGO and taste of products can be customized according to customers' requirements. We work with bulk buyers from all countries

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