Hxhv HXH V с наружной резьбой Heim концевой подшипник PCMR8 хромированным покрытием

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 We supply the OEM / ODM Service.  Please feel free to conatct us if any special requirement.

Our Advantage

HXHV Bearings are better than others becasue of the factors below.


Our bearing's life is longer than others becase of the first-class grease and oil.
Our bearing's material are normally stainless steel and chrome steel (GCr15), It's better than carbon steel and high-carbon steel.


Our bearings are heavier than others becasue of the thick steel retainer, inner and outer race.


We choose high precision steel balls, so that the tolerance is small, the speed is high and the noise is very low.


Multiple Grinding Process
The channel's grinding is the most important process part for bearing. It can make the channel more smooth. We grind the bearing's channel four or more times, but others may grind only 1 time.

Becasue of the multiple grinding, our bearing's Inner and outer race's tolerance is very small, the chamfer are also very smooth.


The Slot Angle
The slot angle of the bearing's dust-proof mat is very well. so that it won't drop while runing in high speed. while other suppliers' bearing's angle may be very flat.


Seal Groove
Our bearing has inner and outer seal groove to ensure the good seal. while others suppliuer's bearing may only have outer seal groove.


In a word,

we use great material and multiple grinding process to bring you a better bearing.
The bearing comes with high speed, low noise, high precision and long life.

Our bearing even have break the Guinness World Records with 25 minutes 43.21 seconds.

Type Rod ends 
Material Chromely steel 
Finish precision ground 
LubricationNon-self lubricated 
Race steel to steel 
Static Radial Load17000LBS
Thread type Right hand
Brand HXHV 

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We WUXI HXH BEARING CO., LTD are bearing manufacturer in Wuxi, China since year 2005. 

Now we are gold plus supplier on alibaba.com since year 2015

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