2 мл 250 мл машина для розлива бутылок косметическая машина для розлива (1600197746028)

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Price:40 000,00 $ - 48 000,00 $
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Product Overview


Automatic vial bottle wall washing and drying machine

Main description

After bottles (ampoules, vials, oral liquid bottles and capsule bottles) are filled with products (including antibiotics, anticancer drugs or toxic products such as vitamin B12, sugar solutions and grease substance) and are added with plugs and capped, there will have some medicine powder pollution on the exterior surface of the medicine bottles. Therefore, the cleaning of the exterior surface of the medicine bottles becomes very important. The cleaning guarantees that there is no pollution to the surroundings during packaging may contact these medicines. The machine can clean medicine bottles of 2ml-250ml.

The modular design concept enables combination of DNWX cleaning dryer outside the bottle, DNDJ series light inspection machine , labeling machine and other machines, so that online continuous or independent implementation of various procedures at the later period of all medicine bottles can be realized. In addition, under the closed and operating environment , the DNWX series cleaning dryer outside the bottle is provided with the noise protection design that can bring the production noise to the lowest value.


Main features

1.Bottle feeding and conveying: as for the medicine bottles, continuous and orderly conveying of multiple bottles can be realized, or single bottle conveying is also available. And the bottles that are not stably positioned can be rejected.

2.Cleaning: optional function, selection of water for injection and water solution containing detergent.

3.Rinsing: optional function, rationed use of surface active agent.

4.Drying: aseptic hot air drying by selecting hot water. The hot air of adjustment and real time monitoring of temperature is available.

5.Discharge: the medicine bottles after being cleaned and dried subsequent flow line or to the tray or other storage and systems.

6.The dirty things on the exterior surface of medicine bottles can be thoroughly cleaned.

7.The bottle moving track and module can be easily and rapidly modified and installed according to the models of medicine bottles

8.Can regulate and control the flow of drugs neutralizer precision and high pressure the wind speed of the wind.

9.The work efficiency of subsequent monitoring equipment can be enhanced, and only the medicine bottle that is cleaned and dried can enter the next procedure.

10.The labels of medicine bottles that are cleaned and dried will become very tight.

11.High speed treatment , according to the size of medicine bottles , 70-500bottles per minute can be treated.

12.Low energy consumption, the water for cleaning can be recycled or processed for repetitive use.

13.Design of low noise

14.Preparing procedures can be offered according to user requirements.


Technical parameters





Application range

Vials, ampoules, oral liquid bottle, infusion and bottles with oral solid capsule and tablet





Monitoring mode

Uninterrupted real-time monitoring

Work height



3phases 50Hz 380V

Compressed air specification


Compressed air consumption


Power consumption




Water consumptionMinimum 2bar maximum 4bar /500-700L/h





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