TM27 Prefab Huts Resort Cottage Home Garden Chalet Log Cabin Kits Movabe Wood Mini Houses

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Price:$8,888.00 - $11,888.00
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Product Overview


1.Prefab Huts Resort Cottage Home Garden Chalet Log Cabin Kits Movabe Wood Mini Houses Show


Compare with traditional house

Prefab House

Traditional House


Any size and style

Any size and style

Total Time

5 month

8-14 month

Building Code

subject to local ordinances

national and local building laws

Construction skill

No requires

skilled craftsmen or workers


factory precision

Depends on skill worker


2.Prefab Huts Resort Cottage Home Garden Chalet Log Cabin Kits Movabe Wood Mini Houses Interior Decoration Real Shot



3.Provide design and customization services



4.Factory processing capacity display


    4-1.Our company has a complete set of modern processing equipment for wooden structure houses, 6 four-sided planing machines, 13-meter-long paneling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC tenoning machines, CNC slotting machines, CNC car rounding machines, wooden house drilling machines , High-speed cutting machine, high-speed cutting machine, cutting table saw and other equipment. In the past two years, new equipment such as large-end face splicing machines, large-end face placing machines, heavy-duty double-sided planers, and infinite length finger jointing machines have been added.


    The annual production of glulam is 12,000 cubic meters, and the annual installation of houses is 20,000 square meters. The main raw materials are SPF imported from Canada, Pinus sylvestris imported from Russia, Southern pine, Douglas fir, Western red cedar, etc.



    4-2.Glulam curved beam:

    Glulam, also known as laminated veneer lumber, is usually a structural material made by gluing together the optimal thickness of dried boards between 30-40mm under certain conditions. Its characteristics make it commonly used to meet aesthetics. Architectural modeling and structure needs. Curved glulam is a method of making curved parts by applying glue to several sawn sheets, and maintaining the pressure until the glue layer is solidified. It is an advanced process for making curved parts, usually using rotary cutting. The board is glued and bent.



    4-3.Douglas fir glulam beams:

    Glulam (glued laminated wood) is a kind of structural timber made by gluing separate specification lumber together under certain conditions. Its characteristics make it often used to meet the needs of beautiful architectural shapes and structures.
    During the production of glulam, the ends of the wood chips bite each other and are arranged horizontally into layers. The lamination method can effectively use high-strength but small-sized wood to make large-scale structural parts of various shapes and sizes.



    4-4.Woodcut cabin:





5.Beam-column hardware connection technology


Anchor to the floor: For the pillars that require lateral force                        Diagonal beam joint: simple base plate



Support plate: beam to H bracket joint



Built-in pillar: rotary joint



Hidden support: support connector



6.Factory processing site


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