Коммерческий дизайн бара и Коктейльная станция/дизайн бара стойка с холодной тарелкой для бара/отеля/ресторана

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Commercial Bar equipment design and Cocktail Station with beverages cold plate for bar/hotel/restaurant

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Products nameCocktail station


Product Description

Cocktail Station consists of innovative product solutions that have been specifically designed to be more ergonomic for bartenders and to better accommodate their needs when making craft cocktails. These unique features include:


Refrigerated Drawers: The low-temperature refrigerated drawers boast the industry’s only NSF rating for open food storage – the top drawer includes in-place Ninth Size Pans for garnishes, herbs, fruit, etc.

24” Drain Board Top: Features drop-in stainless steel glass rack panels along with an optional poly cutting board insert.

Insulated Bottle Well: With the capacity to hold nine, 750ml juice bottles or six, 1 liter Store-N-Pours – the well keeps wine, beer, champagne, juice and syrups within arm’s reach without cross contamination into serviceable ice. Also available in a shallow depth model which allows room for an optional soda gun manifold locker.

30” Sectioned Ice Bin: The bin is 3” shallower than standard designs allowing the bartender to stand closer to their work counter and their guests. Includes standard 10-circuit cold plate with stainless dividers allowing for separate storage for a variety of ice (crushed, cubed, oversized cubes, etc.).

Speed Rail: Features Perlick’s exclusive rounded design to create a “cockpit” feel while placing bartenders closer to their work counter and their customers. Designed for optimal reach and comfort – bartenders can pull bottles from the rail and stand against it without hard rail edges pressing into their knees and legs. Includes space for large footprint bottles that don’t fit in standard speed rails.

Slanted Speed Rack: A vertical, angled speed rail that accommodates 12 liters, bringing total station capacity to 27 liters all within the bartender’s reach. Optional plug-n-play accessories include a blender shelf and a bitters caddy which provides quick access/storage for up to 12 small bitters or syrup bottles. LED lights can also be added to the rack.

Prep Sink and Tool Caddy Combo: The combination consists of a main sink with integrated glass rinser, sectional health code compliant tool caddy, foot operated faucet, and an optional built in cubby for additional storage.

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Company Information



Partner food Equipment factory was found in 2010, our Engineering company found 2016 "Partner" dealing with restaurant, food factory and all kind of food equipment as well as one stop purchase service for worldview Clients in China market, our service can fit on final user, distributors and engineering company.

We located in Xingfu East Industrial Zone, Boxing County (China’s Kitchen Appliance Capital), Shandong. Company registered capital of 51.18 million Yuan, covers an area of 120 mu, production plant 50000 m2, the production of various kinds of kitchen 100,000 sets. Company has professional production equipment more than 300 Unit and more than 1,200 employees. Partner business customers throughout the hotel, restaurant kitchen, international and domestic chain restaurants, factories, schools, government agencies and civil apartments, and with several well-known foreign chains etc. our slogan is to be your best partner in restaurant investment and food industry.

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