Pet Resin, Pet Granules, Pet Raw Material Virgin & Recycled Pet chips

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Product Overview


161280683488953554.jpgApplProducts Description
1, High melting point, good heat resistance, be suitable for use at UL 140C continuously.
2, High mechanical strength, especially for stiffness
3, Good chemical resistance, excellent anti-corrosion for organic solvents.
3, Excellent electrical properties, be suitable for use as an insulation material
4, Light in weight, less noise, and anti-corrosion, as compared with metals
5, Low water absorption better dimensional stability.
6, Good surface gloss, good painting, and easy coloring

It can be used to make pure water, natural mineral water, distilled water, and other drinking water packaging bottles and
condiments, candy bottles, etc.


The product has the characteristics of low acetaldehyde content, good color, and stable viscosity.

Because of the unique process formula and production technology, this brand product has excellent processability, low processing
temperature, wide processing range, high transparency, and high yield.

The bottle-making process has high production efficiency, low degradation, low acetaldehyde content, ensuring health and safety,
it effectively guarantees the unique taste of pure water, natural mineral water, distilled water, and so on.




PBT&PET Description


Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)/ Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) is a thermoplastic polyester material with excellent performance. It has the characteristics of good heat resistance, low moisture absorption, good chemical resistance, good weather resistance, high dielectric strength, good electrical properties, high dielectric strength, and dimensional stability. And it is easy to be made to glass fiber reinforced or flame-retardant products, which can be ultrasonically welded and easily processed. And they are widely used in the fields of electrical and electronic, mechanical and chemical, automotive, etc.


PBT&PET  Features


1, good heat resistance, super toughness& fatigue resistance.

2, nice electrical stability.

3. excellent dimension stability,

4, self-lubricating, low water absorption,

5, electrical insulation is good

6, to keep good properties in the humid environment.




MaterialSIKO Grade No.Filler(%)FR (UL-94)DescriptionMain Application
PBT, PET SeriesGlassfiber reinforced PBT&PET, High StrengthSP20G20/G30/G4010%-40%HBPBT+20%GF ReinforcedHair Straight, Computer radiator fan, Iron base etc
SP30G20/G30/G4010%-40%HBPET+20%GF Reinforced
GF& FR  PBT&PET,High StrengthSP20G30FGN30%V0PBT+30%GF, Halogen free FR V0 1.6mmVarious Switch components, Connectors,  Coil Bobbin, Transformers bobbin, Adaptor cover, etc.(15%, 25% is also available)
SP30G30FGN30%V0PET+30%GF, Halogen-free FR V0 1.6mm, Equal to DUPONT FR530
SP20G20F/G30F20%-30%V0PBT+20%GF, FR V0 1.6mm
SP30G20F/G30F20%-30%V0PET+20%GF, FR V0 1.6mm,



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