High Quality Wholesale Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide

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Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide
• Ca(OH)2
• CAS No. 1305-62-0
• EINECS No. 215-137-3

Calcium hydroxide is white powder form (also called crystal powder, ultra fine powder), the chemical formula is Ca(OH)2, Commonly known as slaked lime. hydrated lime, drowned lime, dycal, Lime, hydrated and limewater. The Raw materials are mainly is dolomite, quicklime(also called unslaked lime) etc.

Calcium hydroxide has wide application in the food and industry. Usually divided into food grade, industrial grade, technical grade, pharmaceutical grade, electron grade and reagent grade.
Huirong Company has been committed to providing high quality, high range, high purity, high mesh, high graded calcium hydroxide and lowest & reasonable price to customers, Obtained ISO certification and comply with national environmental requirements GB25572-2010, is the largest supplier of calcium hydroxide in china.

1.Food grade calcium hydroxide
Food grade calcium hydroxide as food additive widely used in food industry, the main content of Food ingredients calcium hydroxide is made from lime processing and refining to remove harmful substances such as heavy metals. Purity >96%.
Application: water treatment,water purification,sugar,calcium hydroxide paste,konjac noodles,dental,konjac powder,pharmaceutical,food antioxidant,acidity regulator,lemon acid,drinking water,baking fast,bread yeast

2.Industrial grade calcium hydroxide
Industrial grade calcium hydroxide is a common building materials, also used as a fungicide and chemical raw materials, etc.
Purity have different levels for you to choose 65%,70%,90%,90%-95%.92%,95% etc .

Application: cement,wastewater treatment,rubber,ceramic,agricultural,ph value improvement,ph buffer,oil drilling,gold mining,fire retardant,tanning,water flocculate

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Product Paramenters
Formal Name:
Calcium Hydroxide Food Grade
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Ca(OH)2 (%):
Acid-insoluble substance (%):
Heavy metals (Pb) (mg/Kg):
Magnesium and Alkali Metal (%):
Loss on Drying (%):
Shipping & Storage
Store it in a ventilated area,keep it cool and dry.
 25kg/plastic woven bag (a layer or laminating)
2 Years
1. Q: Why calcium hydroxide can be as a food additive ?
A: Because of its low toxicity and the mildness of its basic properties, slaked lime is widely used in the food

2. Q: What is the advantages of calcium hydroxide in the food ?
A: High activity, the structure is loose, high purity (to analyze pure), good whiteness, fineness of fine, less impurity

3. Q: What is the Properties of calcium hydroxide?
A: It is white fine powder, specific gravity 2.24g/cm3. It will lose hydration water and become to calcium oxide when
heated to 580°C.When it is exposured in the air,it can absorbe carbon dioxide becomes to calcium carbonate.It
can be dissolved in the acid,glycerin,hard to dissolve in the water.

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