New Dorado inner frame hidden 48v 13Ah electric e bike lithium battery (1600203117737)

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eBike Battery New Dorado inner frame hidden 48v 13Ah electric e bike lithium battery





lithium battery pack

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity




Over discharge protection


Over charge protection


Continuous Discharge Current


Charge method


Battery system

With BMS

Protection function

Over Charge/Discharge,Short Circuit,
Over Current, Cell Balancing

Working Temperature


- DC charging port can use 2A/3A charger

- With aluminium alloy waterproof case

- High quality alloy mounted lower reed pipe rack

- Semi-hidden battery installation 


Downtube case battery


hailong battery.jpg

This types hailong downtube battery has 5V 1A USB output current  charging, could match cellphone.

The following is common use battery brand and cells capacity output data, for large wattage motor match it is better use 5c cells.

BrandModel NOCapacityOutput
China Li-Mno2186502200mAh5C

Hailong -SSE  046

Max take 52 pieces 18650 cells

photo 1#.png

Hailong-SSE 077

Max take 65 pieces 18650 cells

photos 2#.png

Lithium batteries are presently the most commonly used energy storage devices on electric bike, electric scooter, golf car, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and other electric devices. Learning how to maintain lithium batteries can not only prolong battery lifetime but also protect your device from potential damage.

1. Charge new batteries. It's not necessary to charge over 12 hours when first used. When a device powered by batteries is purchased, sellers will usually tell us the batteries must first be charged 12 hours before using. Actually, this is unnecessary. Unlike common Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries, most lithium ion batteries are activated before leaving the factory. Due to their low self-discharge, it’s unnecessary to charge lithium ion batteries for such a long time when new. Lithium ion batteries are ready for use when the charger indicates so, and they will reach their best capacity after 3 or 5 cycles.

2. Use appropriate chargers. Many people take great care with their electronic gadgets, but often neglect the consequences of bad chargers on their lithium ion batteries. When choosing a charger, the original charger is the best choice. If that's unavailable, a high quality charger that has an overcharge protection function, or a brand name charger will do. A low quality battery charger can lead to shorter run times, premature battery failure, or even fire or explosion.

3. Avoid frequently over charging. Over charging with a low quality charger may let the battery's interior rise to a high temperature, which is bad for the lithium ion battery and charger. Thus, simply fully charging is good enough - overcharging will make your lithium battery into a little bomb if overcharge protection function is missing.

4. Avoid touching metal contacts. All batteries' contacts need to be kept clean for best performance. When carrying batteries around, do not let the contacts touch metal objects such as keys; this could cause a short circuit, damaging the battery or potentially resulting in a fire or an explosion.

5. Avoid using often in high or low temperature environments. Lithium ion batteries have optimal working and storage temperatures. If they're continually used in extreme temperature environments, this will negatively affect battery use time and useful cycles.

6. Avoid long periods without using or recharging. If batteries will be left unused for 3 months or more, partially recharge them (to around 30-70% of capacity, depending on planned storage time), then store the device to prevent battery damage. You may need to take the device out of storage and charge again after a few months.

The battery cells packs.

fox(11-23-14-48-16).jpgPackage and delivery

More optional downtube case battery pack.


More optional



Q: What's more capacity you can supply?
A: We can supply A grade chinese 2000mah/2500mah,NCR 18650 BD/29PF,ICR 26H/29E/35E,18650 M26/B4/F1L/MG1/MH1.Could make 36V 10ah-21ah/48v 13ah- 17.5ah.

Q: Do your lithium battery come with charger?
A: Yes. All of our e-bike batteries come with standard 2A charger,welcome choose 3A.


Q:How do I know that the battery is fully charged?
A:For each mile you ride on power, you'll need about 10 minutes charging time.Leave the battery on charge
until the charging light goes green and stays green for 5minutes.

Q:How long is the battery expected to last?
The battery should have around 700-1000 recharge cycles, about 2-3 years.
Its capacity diminishes over time, when it goes down to 75%, you should replace it.
The more you use the bike, the better the battery retains its capacity, since it keeps the Lithium moving.

Q: How to maintain the battery?
A: The battery should be stored in clean, dry, ventilated, dark environment when not using.keep it after full charge,recharge it every 3 months or 6 months.

Q:How long would the delivery after paid?
A:We will arrange produce your order soon after received payment.
Sample order(1-9pcs),7-15 work days;
Bulk order(10-50pcs), 15-25 work days.

Down tube eBike Battery 48v 10.4Ah Lithium Battery 500W Electric Bike Battery

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