Single system factory price knitting machine computerized flat machine for sweater jacquard flat knit

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Price:$10,000.00 - $11,000.00
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Product Overview


Product Overview

MAXZING Double system\\Three system Flat knitting machine
MAXZING Brand Have Single system/Double system/Three System.Guage types including1.5G\\2G\\3G\\3.5G\\5G\\57G\\7G\\8G\\10G\\12G\\14G\\16G. Suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber, silk, as well as all kinds of blended yarn. It can be used for knitting: sweaters, hats, scarves, shoe uppers, medical products, blankets, handicrafts, car cushions, summer mats, etc.


High Speed system
Dynamic Stitch
Motor Contral Cross sinker
Double racking
Zero waiting of racking
Wide guage
Stitch Press Technology

Economy Model

Machine Detail

Machine system
Machine size
36Inch\\ 52Inch \\60Inch \\72Inch\\ 80Inch \\100Inch \\120Inch
Knitting function
knitting single or double jersey,full needles,irregular jacquard,intarsia,cables,pointel fabirc
Data input
USB memory interface. 
Control unit
Built-in controller. Stored program for flat knitting machine.
Back-up power
Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
AC 220V/380V FREQUENCY:50HZ/60HZ 1.5kVA
2.85*1.1*1.8 meter    1270KG

TOP Sensor
The upper tension device adopts an operation mode that can quickly and easily thread the yarn. During the knitting process, when a big knot is detected, the machine will stop; when a small knot is detected, the machine head will slow down, thereby enhancing
quality management.

Yarn Feeder
We used the Intarsia yarn feeder combination, Two yarn feeding pulleys are placed in each set of yarn feeders to ensure that the yarn enters smoothly without breaking
we use yarn feeders of different structures for the shoe upper machine and the sweater machine.

Double stepper motor driven roller
1/ Use two pc 20N / m motors drive the roller
2/ Double-row chain, long-term use will not damage
3/ Planetary gearbox

Knitting bed Shaker Device
Knitting bed shaker with new structure
The special motor-type shaker increases the range of the shaker of the front and rear needle beds, and the short-speed shaker
makes the control and knitting performance of the shaker better. And on the basis of not changing the original size of the flat
knitting machine, the allowable space of the shaker is greatly expanded. In this way, it is easy to realize a new pattern of free
play of 10 twists or multi-stage shakers.

In the rapid turning head system, the overall mechanism of the head is improved, thereby speeding up the turning speed of each
row of the head, and greatly improving the production efficiency. In a specific knitting range, the larger and heavier machine
head needs more space at each end of the flat knitting machine for deceleration, rotation, and acceleration, so the machine head runs at the actual part of the set speed The share becomes very limited; on the contrary, the small and light head requires less space for the head to rotate, and can run more space at the set speed, which means that each row can be knitted faster, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Wide guage
The effect of fine needle to thick needle can be knit on a single machine without wasting a lot of time for needle type
conversion. This not only saves the investment in multiple models with different needle counts, but also does not need to replace parts. As long as one flat knitting machine can provide different stitch length options, it can adapt to changes in seasons and trends at any time.

Automatic fuel supply system
The automatic oil supply system can automatically add lubricating oil to the required parts. Because the amount of oil required is controlled by the electronic head, coupled with the use of Shima refined pure lubricant, it can further protect the sinker and
pins and other parts, reduce wear and tear, and reduce the burden of maintenance. In addition, as long as the pull rod is pulled,
the oil can be automatically supplied to the required parts of the fuselage, and the oil can be supplied appropriately according to the preset time period, which can save a lot of oil and prevent excess oil from getting on the product. on.

Machine system
Using high-speed system, the maximum knitting speed of the machine head is 1.7 m/s, with the highest speed machine in China.
The system supports English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, French and other national languages.
The system supports SHIMA and STOLL, HENGQIANG, RAYNENG pattern program direct input without any changes

Stitch Press Technology
Assistance to Sinker system
1/ 4 left and right presser feet work simultaneously
2/Use ultra-high speed motor
3/ Part of the pattern can achieve zero waste yarn function
4/ Can be used for sweaters, hats, scarves, vamp knitting

Needle impact sensor
Yarn Roller
Fault alarm buzzer

Yarn feeder
Yarn input device

Knitting head
Master switch
Knitting BED

Maxzing Factory

We started manufacturing computerized flat knitting machines in 2008, and now we are the only factory in China with all models of computerized flat knitting machines.The company has 200 employees and 10 after-sales service personnel.We have a strong R&D force and will launch new features or products every month.
The company is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, very close to Shanghai

The company integrates production, training, accommodation (customers), display, and office. It is the only factory in China that uses assembly lines to produce computerized flat knitting machines.

Packaging And Deliver

Anti-rust treatment
Pack in  wooden box
Packed wooden box


+86 15895593937
+86 15895593937


Q:How to buy the machine?
A:Please contact the sales manager, after getting an accurate quotation, you can purchase through credit guarantee orders
Q:About after-sales service?A:We provide a one-year warranty for each machine (starting from the date of receipt), as well as online technical guidance and online design services. If necessary, we can send technicians to install, teach, debug, etc.
Q:After-sales technician dispatch charge standard
A:Air ticket + salary + visa fee
Q:What type of machine we have?
A: We have single system, double system, triple system, all models of computerized flat knitting machines, the size includes 36-120

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