ALANOD aluminum grow light reflector 315w CMH CDM wing reflector with PGZX18 lamp holder

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ALANOD aluminum grow lights reflector 315w CMH CDM wing reflector with PGZX18 lamp holder

* Reflector with extremely high, reflective capacity

* Top imported ALANOD® aluminum reflector

* Light reflection≥95%

* No need air cool fans

Wing Reflector
315w CMH New Wing Reflector
Model number
385x239x119 mm
Imported ALANOD® aluminum reflector.
Light reflection
Mounting plate
1.5mm Galvanized sheet with white powder coating
Power cord
16AWG/3C STW 105℃ 600V, with 3Pin Plug, L=18 Inch
1 pcs PGZX18 lamp holder,4KV
Match Lamp
GreenPower CDM-T Elite Agro 315W Lamps

This ALANOD aluminum grow light wing reflector suit for the following 315W CMH grow light kits

Ballast You May Like

EBM next-generation smart digital electronic ballast. low frequency , square wave, soft start, internal RF shielding. Patented output control maintains maximum PAR value over lamp life. protect lamp life up to 5 years.  with CE/ CB/ SAA/ ROHS certification. Warranty 3 years. Multi input voltage from 120v-240v. input frequency 50/60HZ, operate at low frequency 140-160HZ.  Power output dimable with IR remote control or 0-10v dimmer to control many ballast at same time. 

Protection Function:

*Open or short circuit protection: Automatic shutdown, troubleshooting on again to resume work
*Hot start protection: Three times over one minute after ignition failed three times, such as the ignition is still unsuccessful ignition 3 times for another five minutes, if still unsuccessful automatic shutdown
*Over-temperature protection: Set limit temperature, lower power protection
*Lightning Protection: L-N:5KV; L-PE:5KV; N-PE:5KV

2. Certification Category

Europe Standard: CE certification:

China: CCC certification:

3.\tEnvironmental noise standards &Burn-in

*Operating temperature: 30℃~+50℃
*Operating humidity: 20~95%RH
*Storage temperature,humidity: -30℃~+70℃,10~95%RH
*Burn-in: The power should Burn-in at least 4 hours under full load condition and ambient temperature of 40℃±5℃
*Life: Under rated ambient temperature of 45 ℃ and 220Vac input conditions, the theoretical life expectancy is above 50,000 hours

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Complete 315w CMH Grow Light Kit
Wing/'Butterfly Reflector : RF-K315-W
CMH 315w lamp
Dimmable With IR Remote Control
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315w Single Ended Ceramic Lamp
Wattage: 315W, Base: PGZX18
Lamp Operating Voltage: 100V
Packaging Weight: 0.6 Kg

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Company Information


Q1: Are you factory?
A1: Yes. Welcome to visit our company and factory.

Q2: What's warranty time?
A2: Digital ballast warranty 3 years, CMH bulb warranty 1 years.

Q3: Is your ballast low frequency, square wave, Soft start, Internal RF shielding?
A3: Yes.

Q4: What certificate does your digital ballast have?
A4: CE, ROHS, CB, SAA, Meet every country standar!

Q5: We have different input voltage, Is this grow lights usable in our country?
A5: please contact us, We will give you the professional suggestion!

Q6: Do you accept OEM/ ODM?
A6: Yes, You can design your color box, digital ballast case, reflector , print logo ect.

Q7 Do you accept sample order?
A7: Yes. Welcome!

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