Оригинальная Разобранная новая Печатная головка L3100 L3110 L4150 L3050 печатающая головка для Epson L301 L382 L395 L210 L120 детали для принтера FA04000 (1600204369497)

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Product Overview


head Orignal Disassembled New Print Head L3100 L3110 L4150 L3050 L3060 Printhead For Epson L375 L382 L395 L210 L120 Printer Part FA04000

Product NamePrinthead ; Print head ; Printer head ; Printer Nozzle
Compatible Model No.  

For Epson L110 L111 L120 L130 L132 L210 L211 L220

L222 L300 L301 L303 L310 L350 L351 L353 L355 L356

L358 L360 L365 L366 L375 L380 L381 L382 L385 L386 L395

L396 L400 L401 L405 L455 L456 L475 L495 L541 L550

L551 L555 L558 L565 L566 L575 L576 L577 L578 L579

L1110 L3050 L3060 L3070 L3108 L3110 L3116 L3118 L3150 L3153 L3158 L3166 L3168 L4150 L4156 L4160 L5190; XP214

XP241 XP300 XP302 XP303 XP305 XP306 XP310 XP312

XP313 XP315 XP322 XP323 XP330 XP332 XP400 XP401

XP402 XP403 XP405 XP406 XP410 XP411 XP412 XP413

XP415 XP420 XP423; WF2010 WF2510 WF2520 WF2521

WF2530 WF2531 WF2510 WF2540 WF2541 WF2630

WF2640 WF2650 WF2660; ET2500 ET2550 ET2610 ET2700 ET4500 ET4550; ME303 ME401; PX300 PX405A PX435A 

Printhead Condition

Original 99% new

OEM Part NumberFA04000 FA04010 
Delivery DateWithin 2~5 working days once order confirmed
PaymentT/T, Union Western, Paypal, Alibaba trade assurance, Cash... 

Detailed information

Warm Reminder: All the price is fluctuated according to market and quantity. Urgent price, Contact at whatsapp +86 15012837023

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L210 99% NEW  (5)



L805 head (6)L805 head (2)L805 head (1)

Printer Head Installation:

1. The nozzle of the head is very fragile and must not be bumped. It must be protected. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, and the inner layer is coated with a crystal oscillator and a very fine ink tube. When it touches, it will be concave, deformed, or even broken, so the nozzle will be scrapped;


2. Be careful when installing the nozzle. Always power off and put it in place. After loading, gently push the car to move left and right, check whether it is smooth, do not install it and power it on, because if the head is not in place, the car will easily break the head when it moves, and the hand feels freely. , strong controllability;


3. When connecting the plug cable, do not bring the ink, and make sure that it is in good contact with the socket and does not touch the foot. Otherwise, the nozzle will be short-circuited and burnt;


4. The steel shaft should also be clean and smooth. It can be wiped with a paper towel and glued. Do not directly add oil to the shaft. Excess oil will flow to the nozzle and cause damage.


5. After the machinery and circuit are correct, it is necessary to check the waterway. First, look at the insufficient amount of water in the ink cartridge. Secondly, check whether the small cleaning blade and the ink suction pump are dirty.


6. There will be air inside the nozzle that has just been installed, so it will not print normally immediately. Only when the air in the head is completely discharged can the line be normal;


First of all, intermittent cleaning (only 2 times at a time, then 30 minutes after stopping for 2 minutes) will be over-washed many times, which will cause the cleaning pump to accumulate ink, which will not only make the printer mix colors, leak ink, but also waste ink;


Secondly, you can print more pictures to let the nozzle discharge air during work;

Again, if the machine has led to the waste ink tube, you can first power off, and then use a syringe to cover the rubber tube to pump the ink tube until 3-5ml of ink is drawn.

Then turn it on again, use the machine to clean it once, which is equivalent to artificially pumping out the air in the head. The side effect is easy to cause the cleaning pump to pile up.


Printhead Should Only be Replaced by Trained Service PersonnelChange the printhead is a technical job, if you don’t understand technology, there is a big risk to change it by yourself, will be easily burn the printhead and the main board. We suggest you to find the trained service personnel to help you change the printhead.


Warranty :  If TESTING on your machine is good, then will be surely no quality problem. We can accept return it from the date of receipt goods within 3 months if Installation with problem (non-human damage). In addition, our engineers will also provide you with professional technical guidance.

L1800 1390 1400 PRINTER HEAD


1400 (6)1400 (7)1390 head (9)1390PRINTHEAD (8)

L1300 T1100 T1110 PRINTER HEAD

https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Japan-Printhead-L1300-T1100-T1110-Print_1600204414282.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.56ff71d2yc6rWFT1100 print head_5T1100 (3T1100 (3)T1100 (2).JPGT1100 (4).JPGdot matrix printer parts

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copier parts

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Over 20 Years Experience of Printer Parts on Alibaba

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⇒ Payment Term

Payment Term

⇒ Instructions for printer head purchase: 

1. Please check if there is any damage in transit once receiving the goods.

2. If you’re not a professional technician, please be sure to ask a professional to install it. The pipe and fuse MUST be checked before installation, otherwise you will bear all the responsibilities if causing the head or board burnout.

3. If you are using the continuous ink supply system, if there is a break line after the first printing, turn off the cart and return it to the middle position for three hours, then push the cart to the middle position to start printing. Do not wash the nozzle repeatedly (It can be 2-3 times), this will wash out the nozzle!

4. If you receive with quality problems, please MUST provide videos from installation starting until the problem happen, we will provide you with professional after-sales service in a timely manner.

5. Since the printer head is consumable, we only guarantee there is no problem with the TEST on the machine. If installation with problem on the machine. You need to return the product to us within 3 months to replace it, so as not to lose the warranty time.

6. Many problem may occur after being put on the machine, like the machine itself problem or human improper operation. Due to these quality problems, We are unable to offer after sale. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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