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Usage : Plant Growth Regulator,for fruit coloring
Application: Grape, apple, citrus,tomato,chili,jujube…
Molecular Formula: C15H26O3
Type : Agrochemical Intermediates
Purity :98.8%
Classification: plant growth regulator
CAS No.: 158474-72-7
Molecular Weight:254.37
Melting point:145.3℃
Boiling point: 340.2℃ at 760 mmHg
Specific gravity: 0.967g/cm³
Appearance: viscous oily liquid
Dosage form:
Raw material (98.8%)
5% SL

1. propyl dihydrojasmonate is a derivative of plant-like endogenous hormone jasmonate acid (JA). Exogenous spraying can safely induce the synthesis of ethylene in plant in order. Ethylene is the final endogenous hormone signal precursor for the anthocyanins synthesis. The orderly accumulation of ethylene can effectively promote the overall coloring of fruits.
2. Aiming to provide plant endogenous jasmonic acid analogues, exogenous spraying of propyl dihydrojasmonate can shorten the fruit ripening period, improve the crop’s stress response to absorb nutrients quickly, then providing sufficient dry matter accumulation for fruit and promoting the increase and accumulation of soluble sugar in fruit.
3. Jasmonic acid compounds is a plant growth substance closely related to resistance, as an engogenous signal molecule paticipating in stress resistance under the condition of drought, salt stress, low temperature and others.
4. Increase root activity and leaf reductase activity, increase chlorophyll content and soluble protein content in fruit.
1. widely used, simple use technology, high security.
2. Promote fruit coloring and prevent disease at the same time, and have resistance to fungal, bacterial and viral diseases for many vulnerabel fruit.
3. whole plant spraying, saving labor, time and effort.
4. Comprehensive coloring, no flower face fruit, fruit naturallycolored.
5. Increase the ratio of sugar-acid, improve fruit color and quality.
6. No turn green, no soft fruit, no grain drop.
7. For multiple Picking crops, spraying the whole plant won’t affect the swelling of young fruit, do not harm the young fruit, do not damage the leaves.

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