switchable glass smart glass electric film magic film smart window

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Product Overview




Product Description


  1. OFF/Opaque, ON/Transparen

  2. High transparency with low haze

  3. Low energy consumption, 4W/SQM

  4. Water proof &Heat resistance

  5. Various of sizes for options

  •  Specification

  Item Unit Criteria Test Method and Standard
Rated Voltage ON V 36 / 48 / 60 (AC50Hz) Multimeter
Power Consumption ON w/sq.m 1.5 / 2.5 / 4.0 Multi - parameter Measuring Instrument
Visible Light 
 ON % >80 GB/T 2680-94
 OFF % >65
Directional Light 
 ON % >78 GB5137.2-2002
 OFF % <3
Haze ON % <3GB/T 2410-2008
 OFF % >95
Response Time ON ms <45Liquid Crystal Multi - 
parameter Measuring Instrument
 OFF ms <200
Viewing Angle ON ° >160Visual Inspection
UV Blocking Rate  ON %99  ISO 9050-2003
 OFF %99
Minimum Privacy Distance OFF cm 3 Visual Inspection
Appearance Quality / Passed GB 15763.3-2009
Size Tolerancemm  Passed
Heat Resistance Passed GB 15763.3-2009
Humidity Resistance Passed
Radiation Resistance Passed
Falling-ball Impact Peel Performance Passed
Shotgun Bag Impact II-1
Sound Insulation >35dB GB 18910.1-2002
Heat Insulation >class 2 GB 8484-2008
Vibration Performance Passed GB 6382.1-1995
Lifespan ON >80 thousand GB 18910.5-2008
Switching TimesTimes  >2million GB 18910.5-2008


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Company Information


  • WHY US

  1. Class 100 dust-free workshop.

  2. All of our PVB glue and PDLC film raw material are imported from Japan

  3. Our group have institute for developing product.

  4. We not only produce ITO by ourselves,but also sell ITO film to customers

  5. Super large width smart film over 2M

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 Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are interersted in our products!  We look forward to your inquiry.  

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