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Product Overview


20kW DC Bias Power Supply 




Pulse Bias Power

ZY-Bias Bipolar Pulse Bias Power Supply



The DC bias power supply is commonly used i n electrical arc ion plating, DC magnetron sputtering, magnetron sputtering ion plating, unbalanced magnetron sputtering, and twin magnetron sputtering systems , plasma glow discharge, all PVD processes for substrate bias during film deposition , cleaning an d sputtering process.
The main features of these power inverters include: plasma glow discharge substrate surface cleaning, build up electric field around substrate for ion bombardment and physical impact during thin film deposition, substrate surface temperature control and so on. Using proper biasing parameters, one not only can avoid surface arcing to increase products yield but also can enhance surface smoothness and thin film/substrate adhesion. When using pulsed biasing, the arcing energy can be restrained during glow discharge and thin film deposition to ensure an excellent substrate surface without damage. Besides, a higher bias voltage can be applied in the pulsed bias mode than that in the DC bias mode, and the substrate temperature can be controlled via the adjustment of the pulsing frequency and duty cycle.


The output voltage can be adjusted by the knob labeled “ Voltage”, which is on the front panel. T he output is constant voltage
The frequency of the output can be control led by the knob labeled Frequency which is on the front panel.

The duty cycle of the output can be varied by the knob labeled Duty Cycle which is on the front panel.
The power supply can be se lected for High/Low output voltage . The output voltage range can be selected by the switch labeled Voltage
Selection which is on the front panel.

Technical characteristics

  • This type of power supply provides high-precision constant voltage output, micron arc detection time, and bipolar output active arc extinguishing

  • This model is mainly used for glow discharge cleaning of the substrate surface, ion bombardment before coating, and ion acceleration during vacuum deposition







Input voltage

380-410Vac 3P+PE

Input frequency


Work mode

Constant voltage

Max. output voltage


Max. output current


Output frequency arc detection time


Pulse interval time

1 – 10μs

Output mode

Positive and negative pulse/DC

Reverse pulse

Negative pulse 15%

Arc suppression method


Arc detection time


Residual arc energy ARc

<0. 3mJ/ kW

Communication Interface

Modbus analog ProfiBus

Size(19’’ Chassis)

7U-  311X480 X600mm(HWD)

Cooling method

Forced air cooling






Company Information


Hunan Zhongyuan Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2001. Zhongyuan is a Hi-Tech enterprise which integrating developments, production and sales. Its products own more than 10 national patent and software copyright.


Zhongyuan specializes in providing the complete solution of related field power supply and control system by owning technologies of the copyright of high frequency switch power supply, high voltage impulse power supply, auto control system, and it is based on plasma application technology research production from Zhongnan College, with the breakthrough of plasma technology application field. We specialize in new technique and new products developing, custom made special model.


Zhongyuan has developed all series inverter vacuum coating supply(bias, magnetron sputtering, arc and ion supply), micro-arc oxidized supply, air purified supply and varies of high frequency & high voltage impulse supply. They are widely applied to: solar energy coating, ITO, LOW-E, high reflection, tooling coating, special LCD coating, scientific research, electronic components, optical and decorative field coating.




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Q1: What is your MOQ?

A1: One set.


Q2: Is OEM/ODM available?

A2: Yes. Our products can be customized.


Q3: How long is your delivery time?

A3: It depends on your order quantity and generally it takes about 20-30days.


Q4: Which market do you usually sell?

A4: Middle East, Afica, Europe, Asia,etc.


Q5: How long is the warranty?

A5: Within one year from sale date.

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