commercial chemical lab and home use electric herb hemp essential oil extractor distiller steam distillation equipment for sale

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Product Overview


Product Description

 Made of stainless steel and red copper, the essential oil extractor extracts essential oil and hydrosol by steam distillation. With a modular design, it is easy to disassemble and clean without remaining impurities and bacteria easily. It is safe and healthy as well. The pure copper is used in the rectifying tower, which serves as a catalyst to promote fragrance more completely. The concentrations of active substances extracted by it is triple that of ordinary equipment. The pure copper can also replace sulfide in the fragrance, which can not only purify the hydrosol, but ensure a more sable flow rate of producing hydrosol, basically without interruption and close supervision.


Working Principle

Steam Distillation Method: It is one of the most widely used methods because of simple device, easy operation and low cost. However, the relatively high operation temperature will cause the decomposition and hydrolysis of heat sensitive material in essential oil, and it’s required to remove moisture in the the extracted essential oil firstly. It’s complicated.


Model Capacity (L) Cooling Mode Heating Mode Rate of Producing Hydrosol (L/h)
Commercial CT  CT90 90 Water Cooling Electrical Bar (Electric Cabinet) 5 ~ 8
CT120 120 Water Cooling Electrical Bar (Electric Cabinet) 5 ~ 8
DW DW25 25 Water Cooling Electric Heating Plate 2
DW50 50 Water Cooling Electric Heating Plate 2.5
Household Crystal Tower Type CT 20 20 Water Cooling Electric Heating Plate 2
30 30 Water Cooling Electric Heating Plate 2
65 65 Water Cooling Electric Heating Plate 3
Gourd Type 15 15 Water Cooling Electric Pottery Stove / Gas Stove It depends on the heating source power.


The product can be used not only at home, but in other places, such as beauty salon, SPA center, garden nursery, laboratory and botanical garden.



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