100kg/h/200kg/h500kg/h Fully Automatic potato chips making machine french fries

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Automatic potato chips production line, crisp potato chips processing line process flow: lifting feed → cleaning and peeling → selection and pruning → lifting feed → slicing (strip) → rinsing → blanching and color protection → dehydration → frying → deoiling → seasoning → transportation → packaging. Material: This set of equipment is made of 304 stainless steel with high output and labor saving
Automatic potato chips production line, crisp potato chips processing line operation process:
1. Hoist: lift the material into the peeling machine 2. Cleaning and peeling machine: potatoes come in after cleaning and peeling, while feeding while discharging, continuous. 3. Picking line: pick the potatoes after cleaning and peeling, and pick out the bad ones. 4. Elevator: lift the cleaned potatoes to the slicer. 5. Potato chips and chips machine: put the peeled potatoes into the feeding port continuously, and the chips and chips will be cut out automatically. 6. Rinsing line: clean the chips and starch. 7. Blanching line: blanching and fixing the color of chips, adding additives. 8. Air cooled dehydrator: blow dry the moisture on the surface of the blanched potato chips for frying. 9. Frying line: fried chips. 10. Deoiling line: remove the oil on the surface of fried chips. 11. Seasoning line: seasoning the fried chips. 12. Air cooled picking line: cool the chips for packaging, and pick the unqualified chips. 13. Packaging machine: packaging chips.
Products Advantage 1. Process capacity (finished capacity 50kg/h to 2000kg/h) and work flow can be customized. 2. All equipment are made of SUS304 stainless steel, electrical apparatus element is Schneider brand. 3. Heating method: Electric heating, Gas heating or Diesel heating etc. 4. The size of French fries and the thickness of potato chips are adjustable. 5. For French fries line, we have special equipment to remove the unqualified fries. 6. With special designed fryer, quick heating and energy saving, enabled good performance.
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Weifang keles Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, sales of machinery professional technology enterprises. It has 30000 square meters of plant area, 20000 square meters of standardized workshop and 5000 square meters of office area. Focus on the R & D, production and sales of deep processing equipment such as fried line, vegetables and fruits, aquatic meat and other food and Solutions The company specializes in production: fried chips, chips processing equipment, vegetable processing equipment, garlic processing equipment, fruit and vegetable cleaning (peeling) cutting and processing equipment, vegetables, food bleaching (anti-bacterial, pasteurization) equipment. Air drying dehydration, oil removal line, frying line, leisure food processing line, aquatic products, meat processing line and other automatic equipment.
1. What can we offer you?
Food machinery and various solutions
2. What are our packing conditions?
We package the goods with film winding and plywood.
3. How can we guarantee the quality?
Our goods are 100% inspected before loading.
4. Why do you buy from us instead of other suppliers?
30 years of food processing experience, each machine processing high quality, advanced machining technology, good after-sales service.
5. How long is the delivery time of our equipment?
Generally speaking, 30-35 days after receiving the deposit, the specific delivery time depends on the quantity of goods and your order.
6. What are our terms of payment?
50% by telegraphic transfer as deposit, 50% before delivery can be negotiated according to the actual situation

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