6.0ml EDTA K3 Blood Collection Tubes (1600211115850)

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Whole CE Approved Blood Collection Tube EDTA K3 K2EDTA

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Whole CE Approved Blood Collection Tube EDTA K3 K2EDTA



Vacuum Tube EDTA K3

Additive: K2EDTA / K3EDTA

Closure Type:  Vacuum Tube EDTA K3

Closure Color:                  

Summarization: SANLI EDTA tubes are coated with K2EDTA or K3EDTA. They are for the examination of whole blood in haematology and can be used in direct sampling analyzers without actually being opened. EDTA binds the calcium ions and therefore blocks the coagulation cascade. Erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes in an EDTA anticoagulated blood sample are stable for up to 24 hours.

Usage: EDTAK2/EDTAK3 is used for clinical hematological tests, such as blood routine test, and can do all kinds of blood cell analysis (such as blood cell morphoscopy, blood cell count, hematocrit, hemoglobin, sickling test etc.)

Reference #Tube MaterialTube Size (mm)Draw Volume (ml)
VP20031SPET13 x 752.0
VP30031SPET13 x 753.0
VP40031SPET13 x 754.0
VP40032SPET13 x 1004.0
VP50032SPET13 x 1005.0
VP60032SPET13 x 1006.0
VP60033SPET16 x 1006.0
VP70033SPET16 x 1007.0
VP80033SPET16 x 1008.0
VP90033SPET16 x 1009.0


Reference #Tube MaterialTube Size (mm)Draw Volume (ml)
VG20031SGLASS13 x 752.0
VG30031SGLASS13 x 753.0
VG40031SGLASS13 x 754.0
VG50031SGLASS13 x 755.0
VG40032SGLASS13 x 1004.0
VG50032SGLASS13 x 1005.0
VG60032SGLASS13 x 1006.0
VG70032SGLASS13 x 1007.0
VG60033SGLASS16 x 1006.0
VG70033SGLASS16 x 1007.0
VG80033SGLASS16 x 1008.0
VG90033SGLASS16 x 1009.0
VG10033SGLASS16 x 10010.0

Vacuum Tube EDTA K3

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Vacuum Tube EDTA K3


Vacuum Tube EDTA K3 

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Vacuum Tube EDTA K3Vacuum Tube EDTA K3 Vacuum Tube EDTA K3

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