High quality sliding fiber optic patch panel 1U Rack Mount 24 port ODF Patch panel (1600214247375)

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Product Overview



Iso Certificate Dome Type Vertical Fiber Optic Cable Joint Box Dome Type Splice Closure



Material: 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel, weight 4.5kg, surface electrostatic spray.

Size: 482 * 340 * 45mm 19-inch standard rack-mount fiber optic Optical Distribution Frame, telecommunications level


Product Use: Play fiber cable core and pigtail protection. Can be installed separately Fiber patch panels can be either individually assembled into optical fiber patch panels, but also with the digital distribution unit, audio wiring unit with a cabinet / rack. Form a comprehensive distribution frame. The device is flexible in configuration, easy to install and use, easy to maintain and manageable, and is an indispensable device for fiber optic cable terminal or relay node to realize fiber splice and jumper cable splice and access.


Technical Parameters

product description:

Fiber Optic Cable Optical Distribution Frame series of products suitable for fiber optic communications terminal equipment in the terminal wiring. It is suitable for direct and differential connection of indoor optical cable and protects the optical fiber connector. Cable Optical Distribution Frame is mainly used for the fixed terminal cable, fiber optic cable and pigtail fusion and the residual fiber storage and protection.


Environmental requirements 

Cable Optical Distribution Frame is not suitable for outdoor use, to be used to take protective measures.

Operating temperature: -25 ° C ~ +40 ° C

Storage temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 55 ° C

Relative humidity: not more than 85% (at 30 ° C)

Pressure: 70 ~ 106kPa

Life: 20 years


Product structure:


1.The shell should be easy to open, easy to install; the shell should be used for high-voltage protective earth metal parts of the cable leads to the device.


2. Internal components.

Internal components should include the following sections:

a Support: main body of internal structure for internal structure support:

b. Fiber-optic tray: used to store the optical fiber connector (and its protection) and the remaining optical fibers in sequence. The remaining length of the optical fiber is not less than 1.6M. The radius of curvature of the remaining fiber-optic disc shall not be less than 37.5mm. And to provide easy to read the fiber number for easy identification and easy operation of the space:

c. Fixing device: It is used to fix the optical fiber cable sheath, fix the optical fiber cable and fix the fiber pigtail.


3.fiber connector protection

Optical fiber connector protection can be used to protect the heat pipe, retaining clips and so on.

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