Machine screw volute sludge dewatering press for sludge dewatering treatment

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Product Overview


Multi Disc Dehydrator
QY-SPD series Multi-Disc Screw Press is designed to handle various types of sludge in different capacities. The processing capacity is available from 1.5 m3/h to 180m3/h at 0.2% sludge concentration and 0.3m3/h to 28m3/h at 2% sludge concentration.Due to its modular design and compact construction, the capacities can be easily scaled up by running system in parallel to meet almost any capacity as required. Single-screw, double-screw, triple-screw and quadruple-screw makes 1-screw series, 2-screw series, 3-screw series and 4-screw series separately.
Our experienced and trained team of engineers will help you with the installation, operation and maintenance training.
Working Principle
The main unit of the multi-disc screw press dehydrator contains a multi-disc mechanism where ring-shaped “fixed discs” and “movable discs” are alternately arranged at a regular clearance around a “screw shaft”. The main unit consists of a “support frame” that supports the multi-disc structure and a “dam Plate” at the end of the screw shaft. The filtered sludge cakes will be pushed forward by the shaft and finally discharged from the end.
Strcuture and Advantages
Technical Parameters
Working Process
The series of finely machined fixed and moving rings placed alternately provides efficient filtration that remains clog free due to the continuous movement of the rings. This eliminates the needs for consumables like filter cloth etc. As clogging is avoided, the Multi-Disc Screw Press is able to handle oil sludge easily.
The Multi-Disc Screw Pressis widely used for sludge dewatering and a solid-liquid separation of municipal and industrial wastewater from variety of industries including petroleum, food and beverage, feeds, pharmacy, paper making and painting industry.
Company Profile
Wuxi Qiuyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd, located in China Environmental Town, Yixing city, specialized in designing, installation and commissioning full project for industry wastewater treatment, sewage water treatment and odorous air (VOCs)abatement solutions.

We are specialized in manufacturing Bio filter Media, Bubble Diffuser, Multi-disc screw-press dehydrators and decanter for sludge dewatering. DAF system and magnetic separator water clarifying. Automatic chemical dosing-adding system. DDBD(non-thermal plasmadouble dielectric barrier discharge reactor), chemical washing scrubber, biofilter tank and packing materials.

We also can supply Air blower, flow booster, water pump, packing material for ETP tank, coagulant PAC, flocculant PAM, chemical dosing tank, metering pump.

We have 3 factories, 20 engineers and more than 100 workers. We have technical support from doctors of Zhejiang University to supply proper design, fast installation and commissioning and efficiency feedback. Service will always be available.
Q: What’s the application scope of QY-SPD Sludge Dewatering?
A: It is applicable to various kinds of sludge such as waste activated sludge, dissolved-air floatation sludge and so forth. The thickening mechanism of this equipment enables dewater not only highly-concentrated sludge but also low-concentrated sludge with ease.

Q:What's the application scope of sludge dewatering machine?
A:It is widely applied in wastewater treatment in industrial, chemical, municipal and so on.

Q: What about the moisture content of the sludge after treatment?
A: 78%~82%.

Q: What’s the material of Sludge Dewatering?
A: It is stainless steel, we choose SS304, SS316L, etc.

Q: What’s the equipment used together with Sludge Dewatering?
A: Sludge screw pump, polymer dosing pump.

Q: How to choose the right model?
A: We have professional engineer to help you choice the right model according to your sludge concentration and water flowrate.

Q: Whether the machine can be customized?
A: Yes. We can provide OEM service.

Q:How to install machine ,what after sales you will provide.
A: We have professional after-sales service team, we will provide operation manual, drawings, video guide, if necessary, we will
let engineer to help in your local site. Consumable accessories will be provide free to you every year.

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