Alcohol Distiller Moonshine Stills Vodka Whisky distillation column distiller

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Product Overview


Spirit type
Whisky distiller
Still pot, swan neck, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Vodka distiller
Still pot, onion head, column, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Brandy distiller
Still pot, onion head, column, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Rum distiller
Still pot, column, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Gin distiller
Still pot, column, gin basket, condenser, CIP, pipe system
Multi-spirits distiller
Still pot, onion head, column, gin basket, dephlegmator, condenser, CIP, pipe system

electrical heating
220V/50HZ(or customize), 6KW
test water pressure
1.05Mpa (20.5kgf/cm2)
working pressure
power supply
Applicable  to
rum, vodka, whisky, brandy
equip. weight
100L, 200L,300L

Distillation boiler/pot/kettle
Distilleries are divided into single, double and
triple layers. The triple layers still is heated by the dimple jacket and keep warm by outside insulation layer. The bottom and around the distillation pot are heated at the same time, with high heating effect and good energy saving effect.
Onion head/whisky head
When the liquor steam from the distillation
kettle passes through the onion head, the liquor steam with low alcohol content will condense into liquid and return to the
distillation kettle for secondary distillation. The liquor steam with high alcohol content will enter the condenser and cooled
into liquor liquid, so as to improve the alcohol purity of distilled liquor.

Sight glass manway
Made of SS304 and borosilicate glass, can directly observe the pot internal situation. Equipped with silicone sealing ring, using
hand wheel screw pressing. Better sealing, more safe and reliable
Distillation Column
It is made of TP2 red copper , more beautiful appearance. It is consist of internal partition and bubble cover, as well as
cleaning ball device. The exterior sight glass allows you to see the process of rising alcohol fumes directly. Configuring a thermometer to observe temperature changes in real time.

Gin basket(middle) and condensor(rightmost)
The main function is used in the production of
GIN. The built-in sieve plate can be used to place plant spices, extract fragrance from plants, and make GIN wine with different flavors.

The condenser are cooled by inside many tubes, with large heat exchange area and high cooling effect.There is a water inlet under the condenser back and a water outlet above condenser back. The water flows from the bottom to the top, to cool the liquor from the Gin basket or distillation column, turn it into liquid liquor, and discharge it from the wine outlet.

Wine mouth(the parrot )
Safe structure, made of transparent quartz glass and SS304, isolated from the outside world, no matter in hot and humid or dry environment, every drop of wine will not contact with the air, to ensure safety at the same time, more enjoyable!

Pressure gauge
If the valve of the still pot is closed or blocked, the pressure will rise, and the danger will be found in time to avoid damage
CIP(Cleanning in place) System
Used to clean Distillation pot, Whisky head, Column, Dephlegmator and Gin Basket.Each part can be controlled separately Cleaning.
Electrical controll box
Clear wiring, reasonable layout, effective control of equipment operation

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