Professional Tricouri Adidas Mnd Slippers

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Product Overview



Product Description


1. Instruction:

1). Kneading machine does very well in mixing, kneading, crushing and dispersing for high-viscosity liquid materials, with no dead point. 

2). Two sigma or Z-type blades.

3). Equipped with inverter for frequency control.

4). Vacuum and high pressure are available.

5). The cylinder is opened hydraulically. 

6). Discharge mode: Hydraulic tilting, Bottom pumping,or Screwing.

7). With jacket outside of the cylinder, for heating or cooling.

8). Heating mode: Hot oil, Electric or Steam/

9). All the parts that contact with material are made of stainless steel.

10). Widely used in :sealant, silicone rubber, CMC, adhesive, kinetic sand,also used in batteries, ink, pigments, dyes, pharmaceuticals, resins, plastics, rubber, cosmetics ect.


2. JCT machine applies for:

1) Chemicals Industry: 

Sealant, rubber, glue/ adhesive, paint, dye, CMC, battery, pigment

2) Food Industry:

Bubble gum, chewing gum, soft candy, cheese etc. 

3) Pharmaceutical:

Some medicines and medical materials.

4) Cosmetics industry

5) According to stattistics, JCT vacuum kneaders are most widely used in making:

Silicone sealant, Hot melt adhesive, Bubble/ chewing gum, Silicone rubber & Compound rubber, kinetic sand,CMC


Alkyd resin.



Foshan JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance in one of the chemical machinery professional equipment manufacturers. The company has successfully developed a resin, adhesive type, powder mixed type, silicone type, hot melt type, paint type and other complete sets of production equipment. Its products across the chemicals, plastics, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, light industry and other industry.




Main Technologies:


1. Unsaturated resins, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane and other complete sets of production equipment;
2. Latex, white latex, rubber coating, film coating, all-purpose adhesive and other complete sets of production equipment;
3. Glass, plastic, silicone rubber, sealants and other sets of production equipment;
4. Raw rubber sets of production equipment;
5. Silicone waste pyrolysis recycling old solvent distillation recovery sets of production equipment;
6. Hot melt adhesive sets of production equipment;
7. Various types of powder mixing auger sets of production equipment;
8. Various non-standard chemical equipment design, production and installation.





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Alkyd resin making 


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