China 100 200kg/h Small Toilet Laundry Bar Soap Making Machine (1600219440134)

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Product Overview


Laundry Soap Making Machine Introduction:
1. This laundry soap production line take soap noodles(soap bar) as raw materials.
2. The production starts with mixing soap bar,perfume pigment and,etc.
2. Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three roller mill by conveyor belt, where soap thin sheets are made.
3. The soap thin sheet then converted into desired long strip soap by the plodder machine.
4. Then the long strip soap are cut into the soap bars required size by cutting machine(there are two kinds of cutting machine.One is mechanical.The other is automatic).
5. Finally, the soap bars gets packed by packing machine if needed.
6. Soap bars can be made 60g,120g,200g,260g,and so on
Features of Laundry Soap Making Machines :
1. The finishing lines of Series for Laundry or toilet and translucent soap bring together all components that are most reliable,most durable, supplied by the most famous vendors in the world.
2. The mechanical design is tend to be simplified, more robust, low energy consumption, low off-stream rate, easy to be maintained,more people oriented and with good view both outside and inside of the machines.
This soap plant is use neat soap(soap noodle) as raw materials, capacity is 300-800kg/h. After mixing, grinding, vacuum extruder and print-cutter, this machinery can produce of fatty acids in 35-60% of the high-grade soap. The soap equipment adopts double screw vacuum plodder machine, it can make the soap compact, not easy to cracking.
Production conditions of laundry soap making machine:
1. Production Condition:
2. Capacity: 100-200kg/hr.
3. Materials: soap noodle (soap grains), pigment, fragrance.
4. Workshop: above 75m2, L: 15 m, W: 5 m, H: 5 m, including operating space, excluding packing machine.
5. Power: 18kW, 380 V, 50 HZ.
6. Staff: 4-6 person

Cheap price bar soap making machine Working process:
Main Specifications
Mixing Agitator
Mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently. Adopt famous brand geared motor made in China.
1. Model: BK-50;
2. Material: carbon steel;
3. Capacity: 50 kg/batch;
4. Mixing time: 5-10 min;
5. Blender: half-spiral;
6. Power: 3 kW.
7. Dimension: 1730x700x1750mm
8. Weight: 440kg
Three-Roller Mill
Three rollers in a horizontal direction grind materials twice by different speed, fineness of grind is 3-18um. The roller is made
of high quality alloy, the circulating water in the roller lower the machine’s temperature.
It’s used to mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently, make the soap structure tight and improve soap’s density and
1. Type: BK150;
2. Roll diameter: Φ150;
3. Roll length: 300 mm;
4. Motor power: 3 kW.
5. Dimension:810x870x1100mm
6. Weight: 350kg
Plodder is used to grind, refine and press soap material into soap bar. The screw and orifice plate press and refine the soap
material and make the soap bar tight and the surface bright.
1. Type: BK-200;
2. Capacity: 100-200 kg/hr;
3. Diameter of screw: 160 mm;
4. Power: 5.5kW.
Cutting Machine
Used to cut soaps into cakes and stamp patterns on the soap. It runs by the moving of soap bar from vacuum plodder. The front two
mould wheels are used to stamp patterns on the soap, and the rear wheel is used to cut soap. The machine is easy to operate and
The surface of mould wheels is plated chromium. The characters and the shape of soap is clear and neat. The size and pattern are
designed according to customers’ requirements.
1. Model: RC-40;
2. Soap size (L, W, H): (8-40)x(1-10)x(1-3.5)cm; The length is not adjustable after the cutter is finished, while the soap’s
weight can be changed by adjusting soap’s width and thickness;
3. Capacity: the same speed of vacuum plodder;
4. Mould: with one set;
5. Dimension: 900×430×1360 mm;
1. Weight: 128 kg.
To convey soap materials from grinder to plodder. Food grade belts. Light type, good appearance and smooth operation, non-noise.
Power: 1.1 kW/pc; length: 5m
Soap Pick-up belt
For pick up the finished soaps.
Stainless steel 304 bracket, Food grade belt.
Power: 0.55kW/pc; Length: 2.5m
Distribution Box
To control soap machines.
Electrical components are Andeli of China.
1. Size: 700×550×1540 mm;
2. Weight: 80 kg.
Water pump
For cooling water circulation. 0.2kw
Packing & Delivery
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