Fast measuring one button video measuring machine for lab

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Product Description

AVANT 100 One Button Vision Measuring Machine
A100 Image Dimension Measurement System is a new image measurement technology of UNIMETRO. It is
different from the traditional 2D image measurement instrument in that it no longer needs the grating ruler
displacement sensor as the accuracy standard, nor does it need to enlarge the product image through the lens
with large focal length to ensure the measurement accuracy.

The structure of the fuselage is simple. It does not need the grating ruler of displacement sensor. It only
needs the telecentric zoom lens with large viewing angle and large depth of field, high pixel CCD camera and
powerful background software.

Through the double telecentric optical lens with large viewing angle and large depth of field, using
high-speed digital processing function, combined with high-precision image analysis algorithm, it can complete
the evaluation of dimensional tolerance at the same time with only one key. It is widely used in machinery,
electronics, mold, injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials,
precision stamping, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, household appliances, printed circuit boards, medical
equipment, watches, knives and other fields


◆ Solve the problem of traditional measuring instruments:
Traditional size measuring instruments, such as projector, tool microscope, image measuring instrument,
contour measuring instrument, vernier caliper, etc., may face the problems of high operation difficulty, complex
focusing process, time consuming of moving coordinate table, human error, long batch measurement time, and
complicated data statistics management.

Fast and efficient:
● Products can be placed on the workbench at will, without additional fixture to fix and position.
Rapid measurement, up to 512 parts can be measured at the same time.
Make batch measurement more efficient, and batch measurement can be carried out quickly and accurately
in CNC mode.

Accurate and consistent:
With one click, anyone can easily obtain accurate and consistent measurement results.
Software auto focus, no deviation caused by focus adjustment.
Automatic identification of the measurement position, each time can obtain a unified and stable
measurement results.

Easy and simple:
Anyone can get started quickly, saving the time of manual training and improving work efficiency.
Simple operation interface, the operator can quickly find the corresponding function and measure.
Virtual lines and virtual points can be created to meet more measurement requirements.

1.Import template: support DXF format.

2.Placement of workpiece: no need to
position, arbitrary placement.

3.One click measurement: press the button or hit the space bar.


Model Number
Image sensor
2000W HD color digital camera
External display
Light receiving lens
Single / double telecentric lens
Drop shot system
Four division lighting (white light),
ring directional lighting (blue light)
Transmission system
Telecentric transmission illumination (white light)
Broad Vision(mm)
±3(Coordinate table not moving)
Measurement Software
Display resolution
Z-direction electric coordinate table
100mm(Moving range)
Power Supply


Company Profile


Dongguan UNIMETRO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Dongguan UNIMETRO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of metrology products with 9 years experience. We devote ourselves to developing, assembling, and sales of vision measurement machines, tools inspection machines, metrology accessories and special metrology fixtures. Also we are integrating the best metrology resources in the world and have built a mature supply chain for other metrology equipment and products. The UNIMETRO products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions, and contribute our service and support to different customers in different industries such as mold, plastic injection, electronics, semi conductor, aviation and automotive. UNIMETRO has the leading advantage of outstanding R&D capability and detailed oriented production process. We have got more than 15 patents for our products and we will always keep the leading position of innovation in the metrology industry. Professional, sincere, responsibility, and honest are the key characters of the UNIMETRO people. And we are always expecting long term cooperation with you! UNIMETRO will always offer our best support and resources to our partners!


Q: Are you a factory or trading company ?
A: We are a factory and giving you the quickest reply in 24 hours.

Q: What's your company mainly in?
A: We are mainly produce Vision measuring machine,Coordinate measuring machine ,CMM&VMM fixturesetc.

Q: How to Choose the Appropriate Specification?
A: As long as you tell us variety and size of product to be measured, our professional team would advise you of measuring
instrument of suitable specifications.

Q: Do you accept customized service?
A: Be sure! We can provide not only typical machines, but also the machines customized to customer's needs.

Q: What is your warranty period?
A: Our product warranty period is one year. Our product quality is very stable, and we have improved a lot on some breakable parts. You can rest assured of our product quality.

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