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XCMAN Ski Snowboard Complete Waxing And Tuning Kit - WAXING IRON (110V/800W) - STK-3 STANDARD VERSION
* 15 piece Complete ski and snowboard Waxing and tuning kit with wax and wax iron,waxing scraper,see below kit listing.
* Outer Oxford Fabric 600D double layer waterproof.Ideal for carrying ski snowboard waxing and tuning tools,include wax
iron,waxing scraper,all temp wax and ski bevel guide,PTEX etc.
* Top zipped wide open mouth for easy approaching tools.
* Open dimensions:L25*W15.5*H12cm(L9.84*W6.1*H4.72 inch)
* With handle

Complete Waxing And Tuning Kit Include Tools Listing:
1. ​4 degrees file guide,Side edge angle tuner 89 88 87 86(with a file)
2. Wax iron 110V/800W for USA and Canada.
3. 100g COLD temp ski wax -15C/-5C
4. Snowboard Wax scraper(230*57*4mm)
5. 4pcs PTEX (BLACK and CLEAN)
6. 7.87"(200mm)Flate metal file
7. Sand paper(for polishing the edge)
8. Metal scraper
9. Fibertax pad
10. Heavy duty carry case with handle
11. Waxing apron
12. Nylon Brush
13. Horsehair Brush
14. Brass Brush

XCMAN Ski & Snowboard Tune Kits
Tuning your own equipment is economical and easier than you think. Once you have done it a couple of times you will notice that you can get the same performance of a professional shop tune with out paying the hefty ski shop fees or working with their schedule. You will be going so much faster than your buddies on the hill that they will be paying you to tune their boards! The Demon Complete Tune Kit contains all of the basic tools you need to perform Ski shop quality tunes out of your own garage.​

 Complete Ski Snowboard Tuning and Waxing Kit Bag
* Large tool bag: Internal strap to secure wax iron; two internal open-access tool pockets and zippered mesh pocket; external
quick access pocket; two carry straps with a velcro clasp handle. Roomy enough to add more items!

Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron 110V/230V
* Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron Ski Waxing Iron ,Precise, consistent temperature control.
* Thick base plate holds heat well and is accurately adjustable to melt all temperature ranges of wax.adjustment temperature
working range from 100 - 180 degress C for different types of waxes (eg:cold,warm, universal etc) melt at different temperature
* 110V /230V

XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard Side edge Tuner,​4 WAYS Degrees File Guide
XCMAN Complete Side Bevel File Care Kit Four Way Edge Tuner
* Ergonomically shaped device side edge sharpening.
* Side angles: 1, 2, 3, 4 deg
* Includes an 80mm World Cup metal File(Size:80*20*3.3mm)
XCMAN Workshop wax Apron for Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning
* Workshop wax Apron for Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning.
* Apron in 100% top quality cotton Wash at 60 ° One SizeThree pockets.
* Adjustable length.
XCMAN Race File Coarse 20 cm 11 TP/CM
* XCMAN professional metal files for ski and snowboard. Choose: coarse first cut; medium second cut; or, fine finishing cut.
* 7.87 inch Bastard First Cut: 7.87”/20 cm. 11 tpcm. Professional chromed Bastard removal/setup file. Best file for initial side
bevel and setting side angle.
* Professional all-round chrome all-purpose files.
* Durable beyond all other files offered.

XCMAN Ski Snowboard Waxing Brush - Horsehair Nylon Brass Brush

XCMAN Ski Wax Brush Kits - Nylon Horsehaird Brass
* This Waxing Speed kit includes a 10 mm brass brush that is good for renewing base structure and opening pores before you wax.
* This Waxing Speed kit includes a 10 mm nylon brush that is stiff enough to remove the bulk of the wax during the tuning process.
* This Waxing Speed kit includes a fine horsehair, 8 mm brush for removing wax from your ski or snowboard base structure.

XCMAN Alpine Ski Freeride & Snowboard Base Wax Plastic Scraper

XCMAN Alpine Ski Freeride & Snowboard Base Wax Plastic Scraper
* The ski scraper measure is 230*57mm with 4mm thick(9.0*2.24*0.15in).Cannot break easily.
* They are precision cut and all four edges are planed smooth, square and straight to efficiently scrape excess wax from ski and
snowboard bases
* They are sharp, durable and can be resharpened with any of our scraper sharpeners,with corner notch for edge cleaning.
* We recommend using plexi scrapers rather than steel scrapers to remove wax, steel scrapers can take off more than just wax.

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