Профессиональный дизайн бара/Коммерческое оборудование для коктейльного бара/Коктейльная станция для ресторанов, пабов и клубов

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Product Overview


New design professional stainless steel bar station workstation for restaurants, pubs and clubs



Description of cocktail bar station: 


Cocktail units help hold all the equipment for mixing the perfect cocktail. Having a cocktail station in your establishment means faster serving of drinks or cocktails in your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant, which means more customers and, in turn, more profits for you.Cocktail stations can either be small and simple or more advanced to include drain boards and blender stations. 

Our cocktail stations are made of highly polished stainless steel with adjustable legs so you can be assured of their quality and durability. A single speed rail and backsplash are also included in our cocktail units.



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What parts should add in the cocktail station? 

•  Sink. Make sure a sink should near by trash can hole, it is convenient for bartenders to work, also if better should have plastic cutting board. Sometimes bartenders need cut some fruits.


•  Speed rail. Fill it with commonly used liquors. If a bottle isn’t being used at least 3 times a shift, it shouldn’t be in the speed rail.


•  Ice bin. Arguably the most used piece of equipment behind the bar. Opt for an under-bar ice bin tucked neatly beneath the bar and placed at an ideal height for scooping. 


•  Under cabinet. It should have it, whether have door or not. For store glass rack, material of cocktail and so on.


•  GN pan. GN pan on top of it will looks better. You can choose made by stainless steel or polycarbonate. 


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Company Information



Partner food Equipment factory was found in 2010, our Engineering company found 2016 "Partner" dealing with restaurant, food factory and all kind of food equipment as well as one stop purchase service for worldview Clients in China market, our service can fit on final user, distributors and engineering company.

We located in Xingfu East Industrial Zone, Boxing County (China’s Kitchen Appliance Capital), Shandong. Company registered capital of 51.18 million Yuan, covers an area of 120 mu, production plant 50000 m2, the production of various kinds of kitchen 100,000 sets. Company has professional production equipment more than 300 Unit and more than 1,200 employees. Partner business customers throughout the hotel, restaurant kitchen, international and domestic chain restaurants, factories, schools, government agencies and civil apartments, and with several well-known foreign chains etc. our slogan is to be your best partner in restaurant investment and food industry.

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