120gsm breathable membrane for roofing underlay for pitched roof and enclosure protection for insulation layers of wall and ro (1600221010019)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product introduction

    KINGWAY waterproof breathable membrane has excellent performance at water resistance, high vapour

permeability, Good performance at UV resistance and 100% recyclable polymer materials, fit the ecologist

requirements.  Water tightness of "KINGWAY" waterproof breathable membrane: Thanks to the prominent

waterproof performance, "Complon" breathable membrane can wrap building tightly, protect the building

from corrosion of water vapour and rain, guarantee good insulation performance and well durability of

building enable the building to be more energy conservation and environmental protection.
       Permeability of "KINGWAY" waterproof breathable membrane: "KINGWAY"  waterproof breathable

membrane paves outside of the insulation system, enable the water vapour inside the insulation system

to exhaust, solve the condensation problem, protect the insulation system. 

       Reduce construction cost: "KINGWAY" waterproof breathable membrane can protect the insulation

system, saving the fine concrete or the film waterproofing materials which regularly paved on top of

insulation system so that to reduce the construction cost.
Mainly used as underlay for pitched roof and enclosur protection for insulating layer of walls




Product date


 13-layers laminatedPP nonwoven+PE film+PP nonwoven
2Products range80g,90g,100g,120g,140g,160g/m2.
3Roll size1.5m x 50m
4Water resistantClass W1
6Vapor permeability>2250g/m2/24h
7UV resistant>3month 
8Test to EN13859-1Pass -- CE mark available



Surface mass density

120 g/m²

Upper white+ lower white

Roll size

1.5m*50m or customized



Vapor permeability

≥2250 g/m²/24h

Sd value

0.02 m (-0.005/+0.015)

Water tightness

class W1

Tensile strength MD/CD

240/200N/50 mm (+/-20%)

Tearing strength MD/CD

130/150 N (+/-20%)

Resistance to UV rays

3 months

Reaction to fire

Class E

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By bulk (1.5*50)




With pallets (1.5*50m)





Company Information


Nantong Kingway Complex Material CO., Ltd (Nantong Hekway Building Material CO., Ltd) is a leading professional manufacturer in China, which locates in Haian State-grade Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. We specialize in nonwoven products, film lamination, roofing materials, disposable medical products, packaging materials and so on.

Our main products:
Nonwoven fabric , and manufactured products
Film or foil laminated products
Roofing membrane, waterproof breathable membrane,flooring underlay
PE woven fabric, PE tarpaulin, vapor barrier

We not only have first-class processing line, but have first-grade quality management. We have been qualified by ISO9001 (quality) and CE, this system can supply active way to guarantee the quality. We have exported to many countries, such as Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, CZ, Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK, Germany, Greece and so on. 


          KINGWAY  vapor barrier breathable membranes are commonly use as waterproof underlay beneath the roof covering, which impervious to any wind driven rain or snow that gets blown through the roof covering, even when in direct contact with timber rafters and insulation.

        Meanwhile as they are vapor permeable, allow the roof structure to breathe, so the moisture from leakage and condensation can escape, to avoid mold and rot of fiberglass or cellulose insulation, so won’t lose its R-value due to heat-conducting moisture.







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