Customized portable nurse call bell system for hospital beds

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Product Overview


Product Description

Customized portable nurse call bell system for hospital beds

The advanced two-wire networking technology

Product details

Extension networking modeTWO-BUS (two-bus system)
ApplicationHospital,Clinic, Nursing House
Extension power supply modeCentralized power supply DC36-48V
FunctionEmergency Call
Working VoltageAC 220V 50Hz
Transmitting distance800M
Product Keywordshospital call buzzer system,call center system



  1. Adoptingtwo-wire system networking, integrated the power supply line, data signalline and acoustic signal wire into one wire with two cores.All the substations are parallel connected in to the bus and whole system only needone two-core bus bar.

  2. Patientlist design with bed UI interface design, support inpatients numberstatistics.

  3. Calland talkback, support master host and substation unit two way call, noneed transfer.

  4. Staffassist function: if need more staffs assistance, press to realize staffassistance.

  5. Substation unit no interrupting call: support substation units call-in anddisplay at anytime.

  6. Communicationvoice volume adjustment for both host and substation unit.


  7. Onlinenumber function: support online bedsides substation number setting andmodify. Support online bath station and corridor lights number setting.

  8. Substations related setting. Support bedside station and bath stationcorrelated with corridor light, ward number. When sub stations call, theserelated devices will also show alarm.

  9. Callrecording: when sub stations call and no host responding, the host willrecord this number and indication according call sequence.

  10. Voicenumber broadcast function: voice broadcast the ward number,bed number,nursing level and support volume setting by period.


  11. Highlevel priority: system supports nursing level adjustment and the highernursing level is priority call and display

  12. Callcorridor display

  13. Wardbroadcast function: support health education, broadcast by microphone,background music broadcast function.

  14. Offline operation: even network has some problem and the PC failure thesystem still can do the call, communication and alarm function.

  15. Faultyself-checking: supports multiple faulty checking method,includes bus barshort circuit alarm, voltage and current testing, faulty sub stationinspection, system log book, abnormal analysis recording ,etc



hospital call buzzer system

Company Information

hospital call buzzer system


Established in 1998, YARWARD ELECTRONICS CO., LTD always focus on Healthcare and medical interactive application solutions. Now we are mainly provider of domestic healthcare communication systems. Five product series includes the Smart ward, Smart clinic, Smart senior care, mobile healthcare, and Nurse Communication systems now are offering to China more than seven thousand hospitals and more than three million patient beds. .




1.The advanced two-wire networking technology 


2.  Intelligent call with high coverage


3. Striking electronic nursing identification


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hospital call buzzer system

hospital call buzzer system




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What are the components of the Nurse Call Cord System?

1. Host usually install in the nurse working place.

2. Secondary host install in the doctor office or duty room.

3. Corridor display install in the corridor. 

4. Bed extension, bathroom extension & door lamp install in the ward.

How does the system work?

1. After patient have any requirements, patient can call nurse by bed extension, all the need to do is press the button sitting on their head of bed.

2. When the patient presses the call button, the nurse will receive the call from nurse station by host, and make two-way call and talkback with patient. when patient presses the call ,the corridor display also will show calling information on the display, so that it can ensure the nurse can reply the calling information as soon as possible.







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