Corn peeler / Corn Sheller / corn Thresher

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This product is suitable for medium and small scale farming
* The 220V Electric Corn Thresher installed 100% copper coil motor, possess the features of stable performance, high temperature resistance, which is suitable for long-term continuous work.
* The Agricultural Tool Corn Huller Stripping use thick steel plate and professional welding technique. Thicken and Widen angle steel makes the machine more durable.
* The feeding port has a skip-proof cover, which can prevent corn from splashing out from the feeding port.It is safe to threshing.
* The corns must be enough dry in the sun before use, otherwise the corn will block the machine. This Corn thresher is not fit for sweetcorn.
* Belt transmission and bearing rotation make the machine light and labor-saving. The sheller's legs are made by iron, more farm.A durable powder coat finish keeps the sheller looking good.


Operation Steps
1. Put the machine upside down in order to install the engine and the belt.
2. Check if the screws of key parts are fastened.
3. After switch on the power supply, let the machine run blankly for 1-2 min and check if the machine run good.
4. If the machine is stuck by corn cob: 1, the belt is too loose. (You need to fasten the belt) 2, the corn cob is too big (You need to add the gasket below the cover)
5. If some corns still left on the cobs, you need to add the gaskets below the spindle.

2:Double-check the belt and the screws before operation.
3:Clean up the rest after use to prevent damage to the machine.
* The belt can not be too tight. The belt will be loosen after adjusting the motor support up.
* The corns must be enough dry in the sun before use, otherwise the corn will block the machine.
* This machine is not fit for sweetcorn.
* If the machine is stuck by corn, please shut off power at once and empty the corn, otherwise the motor will be damaged.

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