Most accurate detector Aidu ADMT 16 channels well water search ground water detector underground water detector 300m

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Product Overview



Product included: Mainframe, charger, hammer, 16 electrodes, cables and aluminium case.

The ADMT Android screen series product is a smart instrument that integrates data acquisition, real-time imaging, and data synchronization with multiple terminals. Equipped with 10-inch (7-inch for single channel ), detection board, and 1/16 channels MN electrodes input access. After data collection is completed, the instrument can check the data and generate 2D & 3D graph immediately.

Example for 2D graph.
Example for 3D graph.

The most excellent innovation of the product is the wireless design which means all the detection could completed merely by stop-and-go. The mainframe matches a wireless sensor which could put it on the ground to begin the detection.

Using Bluetooth connect the mainframe rather than U flash disk, you can get the detect data immediately by your phone when the detection was done.

Production Advantage:
1. Accurate and efficient:
Using 1-16 channels to input detection at the same time, to solve the defects of MT electrical field source changes, the accuracy is greatly improved, and the precision is 30-60% higher than that of the general single channel.
2. Smart and convenient:
Standard 7/10 inch touch screen for real-time drawing, and intercommunication with mobile phone or tablet computer, PC computer for data processing and drawing.
3. Depth adjustable:
Optional depth within the maximum depth range of different models.0-300 meters for optional.
4. Flexible input:
It can input 1-16 channels of MN electrodes, and the MN spacing is flexibly variable from 1-5 meters. Electromagnetic sensor input
can also be used to solve the measurement of special formations.
5. Advanced and stability:
Multiple innovative designs obtained multiple invention patents.
We specialize in this field for near half century. We obtained many relative patents. Most advanced technology circuit and chip design for this portable mapping ADMT-300SX-16D underground water detector machine.
7.Long battery life:
The device works on primary battery with ability of the 12-volt 3600mA/h be able to work for a day.
8.Wide range of application environment:
Suitable for any terrain. Working temperature -20℃~+70℃, humidity: 10%~90%, IP65 waterproof and dust proof.
2 years.

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Model No.
Adjustable depth(m)
Channel Input
16 simultaneous inputs, maximum electrode spacing 2.5m
Channel selection
The depth can switch
Adjustable depth(m), as 100/200/300/400/500/600/800/1200/2000/3000m
The depth of the layer
The connection method
Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB(optional 4G communication)
10.1-inch IPS wide Angle 178° visual touch screen(1024×600)
The operating system
ARM Cortex-A7(AD24bit1Msps)
The main function
Depth optional, number of channels optional, real-time 2D/3D drawing, detachable battery
Measurement model
Measuring range
Frequency range(HZ)
Frequency selective filter
Preset frequency selection and intelligent frequency selection, simulation + data filtering are optional 1-16 times superposition
The resolution
Sampling time (seconds)
The power consumption of the battery
The host weight


Q:How to set an order?
1. Underline order:
You could contact Mr. Robert.He will communicate with you timely and let you know the order details underline.
2. Online order:
You could set your order directly on Alibaba. They will guarantee you the whole business process with Trade Assurance. Just click "Start Order", let us start our cooperation!

Q:What is One-stop service?
A:We manufacture prospecting instrument, exploration machine. And we could also supply you analytical instrument, Ore dressing equipment. You could purchase all related devices and accessories from us.

Q:Is it difficult to operate?
A:The instrument is easy to operate, we can share how-to video with you and we will send you the detailed operation instruction via email. If you have some basis of computer operating, generally it only need half hour to manage it.

Q:What’s your delivery port?
A:Shenzhen or other main port of China.

Q:What’s your packing?
A: Specialized box of Aluminum and carton.

Q:Can we place OEM orders?
A:Yes, OEM orders are acceptable, We can manufacture machines according to your requirements:such as design, logo, color, material
or brand information.

Q:Does machines have warranty period?
A:Yes, our machine with 2 years warranty period for main parts, quick parts are excluded.

Q: QEM service?
A:YES, OEM ACCEPTED. Different configuration for your actual conditions.

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