Active 2s 24s smart Balancer with High balancing current 1A 2A 5A 10A Li ion Lifepo4 equalizer (1600226195474)

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1A 2A 5A 10A 2S~24S li ion/lifepo4/lto/lead acid battery smart active battery balancer equalizer

Real-time, active, energy transfer type equilibrium, after reaching the equilibrium, the voltage difference between single cells ≤3mV, supports 2-24 series lithium battery pack
supports 2-16 series lithium battery pack
Single voltage acquisition range :1V-5V, accuracy ±3mV
Support li-ion, LiFePo4, lead acid, ultra-capacitors and other battery types
The equalization current is set independently within the range of 0.1A-10A and does not depend on the voltage difference of the single battery
It supports equilibrium cascade, which is applicable to more than 24 battery packs. Theoretically, it can support BT
communication in infinite cascade. It is equipped with mobile phone APP to check the status of battery cells in real time.
Balanced wire resistance detection, abnormal contact is found in advance
Power supply range :40V-100V
Super self protection function, it will not burn down the balancer even if equalizer wire arbitrarily connected
1A balancerbalancer110A balancer5A balancer
we also can supply below green adapter board to connect with BMS. please tell us if you need it when order
5A balancerbalancer4adapterbalancer3adapter1balancer2
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