Graphite thermite welding process mould (1600226398038)

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Product Overview





Product Parameters 

Good Mechanical PerformanceThere is no residual stress, permanent strong joints, good tensile strength and other mechanical properties.
Strong current Load CapacitySolder joints and metal conductors are molecular binding. The solder joint current carrying capacity equal to conductor . DC resistivity change close to zero after the welding point.
Resistant To Large Repeated CurrentThe joint's melting point is equivalent to the conductor, can withstand repetitive high current (fault) the impact, the joint no fuse phenomenon.
Convenient And Safe ConstructionNo need outside energy, professional equipment and professional welding operator,  can be operated safely indoors and outside, short welding time .
Controllable welding TemperatureThe product can achieve different reaction temperatures (up to 3400 ℃) by adjusting the ratio of the flux



System ContentGraphite Mold, Flint Gun, Heat Resistant Glove, Fastening Clamp, Metal Disc, Powder, Steel Brush, Banister Brush, etc.
CharactersCost-effective, no extra power required makes it portable
LifeAbout 80 times 
 OperationEasy and nospecial skill needed


Operation Instruction                   

l  Check to ensure the graphite mold and conductor is clean ,no residue before making the connection

l  Use a propane torch to dry wire conductors and remove remaining cleaning residue, solvent, or water before making the connection.

l  Close the graphite mold lid before ignition ,and close the lid tightly

l  Insert the conductors and position them for the connection.Ensure them in the center of cavity.

l  Keep the irrelevant personnel 1.5M away when welding

l  Keep the inflammable goods 1-2M away when welding

l  The operator must be equipped thermal barrier glove

l  Don’t face to the mould opening when welding

l  The operator keep 1.5M away mould is must after ignition

l  Don’t touch the mould and connected parts directly after welding

l  Open the mould and take the joint out with wrench 10-20S later after reaction .

l  Insulate the joint after the conductor cooling completely .



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