Электрическая биполярная плазменная хирургия, хирургия BPH, урологический плазменный генератор

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Product Overview


Products Description

The Mechan Plasma Surgery System for Urology includs a pair of footpedal and a power cable.
Product Features
1. Bipolar or multi-polar cutting, low temperature ablation, resection, hemostasis and coagulation. It's a minimally- invasive,
safe and reliable way.
2. Two ABLATION modes (including channeling, resection, hemostasis and ablation).
3. One PLACOAG mode (including hemostasis and coagulation).
4. Different types of probes available for options. The length, diameter, radian, energy level of probes are designed as per the
requirements of different locations and diseases.
5. Multi-function probe designed for ablation, coagulation, hemostasis and resection. All functions are achieved at the same
handle and in same output socket, thus no need to change probes frequently during surgery.
1. In comparison with traditional surgical methods (like electrosurgery and laser), there is no electric current passes through
human body, and temperature at the working surface is only 40 – 70 ℃, the thermal injury to adjacent tissue is less. When using
the recommended energy levels, the ablation and coagulation depths are controlled at ≤50μm.
2. In coagulation, the low temperature plasma can control the temperature to 40 – 70 ℃ precisely, which not only ensures the
shrinking of helical structure of collagen molecule but also maintains vitality of cells.
3. In comparison with traditional surgical methods (like electrosurgery and laser), plasma has less thermal energy, lighter
thermal injury, shorter wound healing time, and slimmer chance of wound bleeding and scar.
4. In comparison with traditional surgical methods (like electrosurgery and laser), intraoperative pain of patient has decreased
obviously, and the post-operation inflammatory rate decreased significantly. During surgery, surgeon can stop bleeding at the same
time of resection without using any other tool for assistant.


Marketing Campaign

Mechan helps distributors by attending medical fairs in domestic and overseas, such as CMEF every year in China, MEDICA, FIME, Arab Health, etc. and academic conferences in different countries.

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