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Product Overview


Agricultural Smart Grow Container for Vertical Farm Hydropoinc System

Integrated Grow Chamber(container farm)
Integrated Grow Chamber functioned as a movable grow house is a full solution for farmers and investors, and it can be a research laboratory as well.

This container is rainproof and insulated. It can be used outdoors at an ambient temperature of - 30°C to 40°C. The average PPFD inside is 220umol/s.m2 to 280umol/s.m2.

At present, there is no similar technology abroad. We had applied for invention patents in China, United States, European Union, Australia and other countries for this technology.

This is a complete production line which include:
* High and power adjustable LED lighting system
* Hybrid of Aero-hydroponic system
* Air-mover sytem
* Movable vertical racking system
* Fertigation system
* Control system

- Fast grow integrated system- you can start to grow your plants asap when you get the 40'dry container. No need to rent a room or a building.

- Stable harvest - grow in the container, you can avoid the disaster and the pest, and not effect by the temperature and humidity, to ensure the yield and the product quality.

- Saving cost- nutrient solution can be recycled, sterilized and reused; Intelligent system can save manpower.

- Intelligent control system - you can adjust the lighting and fertilizing system according to the different growth stages of the plant and it's easy to control.

More Details:

Aero-hydroponic system
Instead of growing in soil, the roots are suspended in mid-air and surrounded by oxygen. The plant 's root get misted directly with a nutrient-dense solution that coats the roots every 3-5 minutes. You can not only improve the quantity, but also can get the high quality plants.

Company Introduction:
GrowSpec is an ISO verified manufacturer, which focus on indoor cultivation devices development. Its current product line and service can be summarized as the following:

1. LED grow light 2. VertiPlanter - Planting rack 3. Integrated Indoor Cultivation system
4. Integrated Grow Chamber 5. OEM/ODM Service 6. Custom Project Service

GrowSpec Products and Service:

One stop manufacturing
As a cultivation device manufacturer,our main product lines include: movable racking system, multi-tier air flow system,irrigation system,lighting system and control system.GrowSpec is not only a one-stop manufacturer,but also a full-service supplier for all related products and projects.

Patented products with certificates
All of our grow devices are designed and produced in our dust-free workshops.Most of device has got patents from China,USA,Europe Union and Canada.LED lights,power electronics have got UL,ETL,FCC,PSA,CE certificates,so customers has no worries on legal or safety problems.

Grow Room Design,floor plan analysis,system proposal
GrowSpec engineering team will review the floor plan and architectural layouts,we will give a proposal for maximized grow room and maximized possible harvest. In the recommendations, we will also consider the limitations from your cultivation license and local regulations. We will also consider the power supply capacity for reference to make a most reasonable proposal(design). Other factors such as clones comes from nursery or cut from mother plants will also be considered. After full discussion with your grow master,our engineer will start to design device layouts for each room based on the budget and grower master's experience. The engineers design will cover(for all rooms):
* Grow device layouts
* Light spread simulation
* Calculation of canopy area and QTY of plants
* Air flow design
* Calculations for air-conditioning BTU
* Power cord layout recommendation
* Most reasonable rotating grow plan

Recommendations for other necessary equipment
Except the device produced by GrowSpec, other fundamental equipment maybe integrated in our design,including dosing system, air-conditioner and dehumidifiers,co2 generators,we will be glade to introduce you manufacturers or brand suppliers that we are familiar with.All we want is to bring our customer qualified device in most reasonable cost.

Customized producing and module products
All LED grow lights,irrigation system and moving carriage system,power supply box and Fertigator are manufactured in GrowSpec dust-free workshops.We offer customized producing for all projects,based on customers requirements on functions,measurements and budget.Devices are in the basket for option,and they are all modularized.

About Installation
Our products are all modular in design, and more than 80% of the installation work for different modules has been completed in the factory. After customers get the equipment, they only need to integrate different modules together. We will prepare complete installation instructions for each project, and also have an installation instructors to provide telephone and video services. A dedicated person to guide on-site is possible on customers requirement(maybe its paid services)

After installation service
GrowSpec provides different service period for different types of products:
Moving carriage system: 7 years;
LED grow lights,Fertigator: 5 years;
Power supply box, water pipe joints, planting pots and planting buckets: 3 years
Atomizing nozzle: 1 year

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