Оптовая продажа, держатель для микролезвий, одноразовая ручка для перманентного макияжа, ручка для микроблейдинга бровей

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Product Overview


Welcome to KZBOY


Item name
KZBOY Microblading Handle with Gem
20 grams
Double sides, fit any microblades
Black, pink, red, blue, clear, purple, gold

Product Description

How to customize it?
1. Pick the favorite color for the handles, the colors of the ends have silver, black, gold for option; and the gem colors can be single or mixed in one;
2. It can be engraved with your logo on the metal part;
3. Also, the handle packaging can be customized. Pick the one you like from the templates. The minimum order quantity for the packaging is 50,000. And customer can order ANY quantity of the handles.
4. Each handle is sterile and report is available.

Remark: Sterilization report, CE certificate for our microblading handles are available, please contact the seller privately to get them.

Recommend Products

Create your brand.
Just pick the design from the template and it can be adjusted according to your request. Also,microblade handle can be customized on its color, size, design or any other you need.

We would like to make your brand more and more famous with you like bringing up your baby to be an adult.(Customize your brand color.)

Professional manufacturer
We're a professional manufacturer of microblades and microblade handle, working with many famous company from the day when they set up their company. Our boss, King Zheng is so talented and passionate who help many companies improve their performance with his unique idea and professional knowledge of the products. Besides, all of our microblades and microblade handles are sterilized by E.O. Reports are real and available to show in public.

CE Certificate for PMU machine; KZBOY Brand Enrolled in the USA; Sterilization reports for each lot of our microblades.


1. What's your competitive products?
Our .15mm or .16mm microblades are made from a custom mould. They're really thin and sharp to create the cleanest and crispest hair stroke.

2. Can I get a microblade sample to trust me?
Yes, sure. We do the sample boxes for the .16mm, .18mm and shaders. And they're charged with a reasonable price.

3. How to customize the microblades?
1. As a responsible supplier, we would like you to try the sample before brand them unless you've tried with a pleased result;

2.Pick a design from our template if you're a newer in the business or have no idea to create a product packaging;

3. Please reach out to us to know the details about the minimun order quantity;

4. Everything is finalized, order begins and takes 14-21 business days to finish.

4. Is it possible to customize a color of the product to match our brand?
Depends. Anyways, we would like to try our best if it's a irregular color because we do want to work with every customer who likes us;

5. What should I do if order is delayed within the agreed time?
Orders might be delayed because of the accidental factors. Just reach out to us and we'd like pay for your loss if it's our

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