Solarfirst Manufacturers Solar Tracking System 12KW Dual Axis Solar Tracker Sun Tracker (1600227657033)

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Product Overview


Solar tracking system
Solar tracking system is one of the most promising product technology trends in solar today, which help users get more power generated. It can boost solar power system production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions.
1. Weight-lifting structure with 5 supporting points, shaped table design combined with a four-link age structure, driven by slewing drive.
2. Eliminates the water wave effect to prevent the impact of wind to the structure, eliminate the quiver and ensure the output efficiency of solar modules.
3. More resonable stable distribution, lower steel structure cost, and avoid the deformation of structure.
4. Independent design, various landform adaptability, zero land levelling cost, make it suitable for solar agriculture,
Solar-fishery projects and other application purpose, make it easy to install and maintain, and save maintenance cost.
Technical Details
Tracking Structure
Tracking Technology
Dual Single Axis Tracker
System Voltage
Tracking Range
X-Axis ±120°, Y-Axis 0-60°
Working Wind Speed
18m/s (Customizable)
Max Wind Speed ( at Stow Position)
35m/s (ASCE 7-10)
Modules Per Tracker/tables
≤40 In Portrait (Customizable)
Principal Materials
HDG Q235B/ Q355B/ ZAM
Mean Coating Thickness
≥65 um
Drive System
Slewing Drive
Foundation Type
Concrete Foundation
Control System
Tracking Control
Tracking Mode
Closed Loop Time Control +GPS
Tracking Accuracy
Communication Interface
Powder Acquistion Mode
External Supply/Self-Powered
Communication Protocol
Modbus RTU
Auto Stow At Night
Auto Stow During High Winds
Yes (response after 10 seconds)
Optimized Backtracking
Protection Degree
Working Temperature
Power Consumption
0.3KW/H per day

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