hydraulic dispenser carbon brown boway cardboard circular classic industrial corrugated blade electric paper cutter machine

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Price:$4,500.00 - $6,000.00
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Taiwan double track and rolling ball screw design, Double rod and double guide to push paper.
Heavy duty whole casting and more thick blade, ensure cutting blade not move.
Lnclined blade cutting patented technology,gear swing Patented technology.Machine working
morking more stable.
Colorful LCD design, easy operation, fault indication, Chinese English change page, Digital
program control,Program control,subsection poeration.
6810 Cutting size:680mm*680mm*100mm
Package dimensions:1230*1570*1620mm
Machine gross weight:920kg

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The paper cutter is a traditional product that is used to handle the cutting needs of paper in the later stages of printing. From the development of mechanical paper cutters to tape-controlled paper cutters, the development of microcomputer-based program control, color display, full-image operation guidance visualization processing and computer-aided cutting external programming and editing of production data cutting system, so that production preparation time Shorter, higher cutting accuracy, lower labor intensity, and safer operation.

china manufacturer direct sales 520H 670H hydraulic design programmable paper cutter
The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple and the environmental requirements are not high. It is usually operated by a power supply in a general office. The general paper cutter has an automatic switching system. As long as the paper is in the person who is in the person, the paper cutter automatically rotates to cut the paper. Some paper cutters need to press the start button, and the cutter will rotate to continue cutting. When the shredded paper is finished, press the stop/reverse button to stop the cutter.

china manufacturer direct sales 520H 670H hydraulic design programmable paper cutter
Before shredding paper, check whether there are hard objects such as paper clips and staples on the documents to be broken. If it is, it should be removed and then put into the paper mouth, otherwise the tool may be damaged. When using the paper cutter, you should pay attention to the paper that is not too much stuffed, especially the paper with better quality. Pay more attention when using it to avoid paper jam. When the paper is placed, try not to be skewed. Place the paper in the center of the paper feed as much as possible.
For early products, if a paper jam occurs during use, press the back button or the stop button to continue the use. Most of the paper cutters are equipped with overload power-off protection devices, which will automatically stop when the motor is overloaded and heated. At this time, stop using 20 to 30 minutes to cool the motor. At the same time, you should consider reducing the amount of some input paper when you use it again. The more advanced paper cutter will automatically stop and automatically withdraw the paper once it is overloaded, which is more convenient to use. When the box of the paper cutter is full, some machines will automatically emit a sound to remind people to remove the paper scraps in time.
Life use
The tissue paper cutter has a paper cutting machine, a napkin paper cutter, a paper cutter, a square paper cutter, a paper cutter, a paper towel cutter, a facial tissue cutter, and the like. . According to different paper products, the corresponding paper cutting machines are different.
Toilet paper cutters are more often referred to as band saws, that is, band saw blades for cutting toilet paper rolls. The band saw cutter is equipped with an automatic sharpening and movable platen device, which can cut the desired roll paper according to the required length and width.

china manufacturer direct sales 520H 670H hydraulic design programmable paper cutter
Industrial applications
Industrial paper cutters include manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, etc., which are mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. Tip: If you need to find an industrial paper cutter, you should know the product usage as much as possible and find the corresponding equipment manufacturer.
Small paper cutters are divided into thick paper cutters and small office paper cutters.
Thick layer machine
Thick layer paper cutters are also called manual paper cutters from the driving mode, and desktop paper cutters from the placement position. This type of paper cutter is mainly used to cut the paper neatly before binding a small number of documents. This type of paper cutter is widely used in office or finance as well as photo studios and digital printing shops.

china manufacturer direct sales 520H 670H hydraulic design programmable paper cutter
Thick layer paper cutter features:
1) The maximum size of cutting is generally around 430mm
2) Small, easy to use and take up too much space
3) The cutting precision of the cutting object is not high
4) The price is cheap and economical.
Small office paper cutter, the structure of this paper cutter is relatively complex, mainly composed of a main machine, a work table, a paper pressing mechanism, a paper pushing mechanism and a cutting mechanism. This type of paper cutter is mainly used to cut the paper neatly before binding a large number of documents. This type of paper cutter is widely used in modern digital fast printing, medium and high-end office, library, national public service and small and medium-sized printing.
From the paper-feeding mechanism to the driving mechanism of the cutting mechanism, it is divided into a manual paper cutter (pure mechanical structure) and an electric paper cutter.
From the driving mode of the platen mechanism, it is divided into mechanical pressing paper and hydraulic pressing paper.
From the size display mode and the paper mover positioning, it is divided into a digital paper cutter and a program-controlled paper cutter. (The pure mechanical structure paper cutter has a steel ruler embedded on the surface of the paper, and the control and digital cutting of the paper feeder Like a paper machine). The main difference between the digital paper cutter and the program-controlled paper cutter is the control of the paper-feeding mechanism. The program-controlled paper cutter not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also effectively reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
The high-end small office paper cutter is not only reflected in the precision of cutting and the stability of performance, but also has multiple protections in terms of safety, which is embodied in the differential protection of hands and photoelectric protection.
Small office paper cutter features:
1) The cutting width is generally between 430mm and 800mm
2) Small, easy to use and take up too much space
3) Can cut a large number of cuts
4) High cutting precision for cutting objects
5) The price ranges from a few thousand yuan to more than ten thousand yuan depending on the size and configuration of the cut size.

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