M12 12mm F1.4 dark light lens for night vision CCTV camera 3MP telephoto lens HD starlight long focus large aperture lens

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Product Overview


M12 12mm F1.4 dark light lens for night vision CCTV camera 3MP telephoto lens HD starlight lens
It is a telephoto lens with an aperture of F1.4, which can be used for night vision surveillance cameras in dark environments, such as parking lot cameras, fishing grounds cameras, outdoor cameras,.

Product Description

Product Name
M12 12mm F1.4 starnight CCTV Lens
Mount Type
Focal Length
Image Format
1/2.5" D39°H31° V23°

  • Product performance description

1. Rigorous and novel optical design.
2. High quality raw materials.
3. Skilled production workers and automated production lines.
4. Strict product testing.
5. We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of different imaging products.
6. This is a starlight lens that can be used for monitoring in very dark environments.

Details Images

The diameter of the thread
The length of the lens
The diameter of the cover

1. Determine the required lens interface size according to the base.
For example, if the thread diameter of the base is 11.8mm, you should choose the lens with the M12 mount type.
common mount type are M16, M12, M9, M8,M7,M6.5,M6,M5.5,M5,M4,etc.

2. Choose the focal length of the lens according to your sensor and viewing Angle requirements.
The greater the focal length of lens, the farther you can see and the smaller the angle of view;
The smaller the focal length of lens, the closer you look, and the greater the angle of view.

The figure below shows the best monitoring distance for different focal lengths

3.Depending on your usage requirements, you may also need to consider different filter requirements,
4.You can choose one lens to test according to your current requirements, and choose again based on the test results of this lens

Introduction of lens Specification
1.Mount type / Connection / Interface
e.g. Mount type: M7*P0.35
M7 means the diameter of the thread is about 7mm,
Common lens mount type are:M4,M5,M6,M7,M8,M9,M12,M14,M16,C,CS
P0.35 means the thread spacing is 0.35mm.
It is the most important parameter that can be mounted on a camera lens holder.

2.EFFL / Effective Focal Length
e.g. 1.8mm
It is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point.
The shorter the focal length, the wider the view, the more the shot, but the more fuzzy the local;
The longer the focal length, the narrower the view, the less the view, but the closer, the clearer the part.

3.F/No. / Aperture
e.g. F2.0
It is the imaging brightness index of optical system.
Under the same bright environment, the smaller the value of this parameter F is, the brighter the monitoring image will be.

4.TTL / Total track length of mechanica
e.g. 12mm
The distance between the end face of the cylinder and the image face.

5.FOV / Field Of View
e.g. OV4689(1/3") H=206° V=206° D=206°
It refers to the range of angles that an optical system can image,
Different chip assembly results in different imaging angles.
H stands for horizontal view, V for vertical view, and D for diagonal view.

6.RI / Relative illumination
e.g. 50%
The image edge can reach the brightness ratio of the image center.
The image edge illumination is always darker than the image center.

7. Distortion
It refers to the degree of distortion of the image produced by the optical system relative to the object itself.
Lens distortion is certainly there, generally the shorter the focal length, the greater the distortion.

8.CRA / Chief ray angle
The maximum Angle of light that can be focused on a pixel from the sensor side of the lens.

9.MBF / BFL(M) / Flange back focal length
It refers to the distance from the last side of the last lens to the image plane.

10.OBF / BFL(O) / Optical back focal length
It refers to the distance from the mechanical rear end of the lens to the image plane

Lens Application
1, CCTV Camera Lens, Starlight Camera Lens
2, Surveillance camera Lens, Wireless security Camera Lens
3,IP Network Camera Lens, POE Camera Lens, SDI camera Lens
4, Bullet Camera Lens, Dome Camera Lens, AHD Camera Lens
5, Wifi Camera Lens, VR 360 Wifi Camera Lens, Bulb Wifi Camera Lens
6, Night Camera Lens, Night Vision Camera Lens
7, Floodlight Camera Lens, Indoor/ourdoor Camera Lens
8, Security Smart Home Camera Lens
9, 4G/ Solar Panel/ Battery Camera Lens
10, Wifi door Phone Camera Lens, doorBell Camera Lens, USB WebCam Lens
11, Baby Monitor Lens, Video Recorder Lens
12, Lens for Hikivision and Dahua Camera

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