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There are two major series of gases in the atmosphere, toxic gases and combustible gases. Oxygen is special and does not belong to these two major series of gases. Because oxygen exists naturally in the atmosphere and is an indispensable gas, the detection range of the oxygen alarm should be measured by independent detection standards. Detecting oxygen is for two purposes. One is to fear that oxygen leakage will cause excessive oxygen concentration in the atmosphere and cause oxygen-rich poisoning; the other is to fear that working in a closed environment, the oxygen content is insufficient, and the staff cannot breathe smoothly; in short, oxygen alarms The equipment is to control the oxygen concentration in the environment within the range of 19.2%VOL--23%VOL which is suitable for human breathing. Therefore, the detection range of the oxygen alarm cannot exceed 23% VOL, and the full-scale state must be greater than this upper limit.

Choosing a too large range will affect the accuracy of the alarm device. Choose a small range, at least slightly larger than 23%VOL. Therefore, in the gas security industry, the detection range of the oxygen alarm is locked at 0-30%VOL to achieve Alarm working setting: lower than 19.2% VOL belongs to the first-level alarm state, higher than 23% VOL belongs to the second-level alarm state, as long as the detection range of the oxygen alarm is between 19.2%-23% VOL, it indicates the oxygen in the scene The concentration is within a safe range.

LFPROTEK ozone generator passed EMC, LVD, RoHs, all the spare parts is under very strictly testing.

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1.LONGFA OZONE INDUSTRY company master the core technology of ozone generator, after 2 full years quality guarantee, you can get the exactly same spare parts from our company at a cost price, it's the strongest support of your continuous business.
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High precision spare parts
LONGFA company master the core technology of ozone generator, the main parts of ozone tube sets is made by high precision CNC machine, only the highest precision parts can make the ozone generator with any leaking.
Large size tube
The blue tube is from the market, it's smaller than LONGFA tube, as know, the size of the ozone tube decide the cooling effective of ozone generator, for us, the raw material cost is not important, the using effects is.
All the material is ozone resistance
You can't imagine how many times we test our machine, from the past 28 years, we test our machine everyday, it's because only when we use our machine like our customers, then we can find the most suitable material to anti-ozone, and avoid any leaking.

Feedback from client
This client, they purchase the ozone generator from our company 9 years ago, and our machine is still working at present.
Compare with other machines
After several months using, the well sealed LONGFA INDUSTRY ozone generator just like a new machine.

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