Matcha Youpin Eraser 4B Clean Less Crumbs Student Exam Stationery Rubber Strip Clean Eraser Personality Stationery Rubber Strip

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 Matcha Youpin Eraser 4B Clean Less Crumbs Student Exam Stationery Rubber Strip Clean Eraser Personality Stationery Rubber Strip

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 Frequently asked question (FAQ)

1.Are you a factory / manufacturer?

Hello, we are a manufacturer, we can process the products according to your requirements

2.Can your pens be customized?

Of course, it can be done according to your detailed requirements. Such as adding logos, different colors, opening new molds, etc.

3.Why do we choose Phoenix Xinhua as our supplier? You can give us what?

We might not be the cheapest one within all suppliers in china, but we can ensure the product quality, worry-free, smooth trading experience and be a professional consultant to all detail parts, help to build up your business quickly and efficiently. Since we truly believe that selling your product good and your satisfaction is the key of our long term business relationship.

4.Can your company provide us with free samples?

We can provide product samples for free, but the freight needs to be provided by the customer!

5.How can we get the Quotation?

Please inform us model number and inquiry quantity, we will respond you promptly.

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