Spice and Herb Grinder Commercial Spice Grinder Machine

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Spice and Herb Grinder Commercial Spice Grinder Machine



Breif Introduction of Spice and Herb Grinder:

This hotsale automatic stainless steel spice powder crushing machine is an efficient mill for food, spices, grains, etc., Crushing and grading of split materials installed on the same machine body, and independent operation. The machine has a full-featured , compact structure , stable technical performance , power consumption province , a wide range of application , fineness adjustable , easy maintenance, and other characteristics , all the process after feeding to the finished product is carried out in the same closed system , with the dust removal processing , no pollution to environmental, it is an ideal machine for food industry and GMP standards.


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Application of BMC Spice and Herb Grinder Working Principle:

Food: sesame seed, walnut, rice, black rice, beans, mung beans, peanuts, lotus seed, corn, barley, buckwheat, sugar, coffee, cocoa beans, etc.

Spices: pepper, chili, sesame, Chinese prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon, etc.
It can also used to grind the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, tree bark, and dehydrated vegetables, etc.

Dried herbs: almonds, poria cocos, red jujube, gordon euryale seed, medlar, hawthorn, radix polygoni multiflori, red beans, donkey-hide gelatin, frankincense, dodder, angelica, dangshen, astragalus, membranaceus, etc.

This hotsale automatic stainless steel spice powder crushing machine includes: main and auxillary machine, dust remover, electric controll box., can grind  spicy and oily material which grease content reach 15%-45%, the powder size is contolled by sieve. The process can continuous operate under normal temperature, this machine also can be widely used in crush food, pharmacy and chemical industry.


Grinding Effect of BMC Spice and Herb Grinder :




Working Principle of Spice and Herb Grinder :

The machines use relatively high-speed operation of the activity gear and fixed gear, the crushed material by chainring impact, friction and materials between the collisions crushed. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber through the discharge port

out .Generally material after crushing to go through a cotton bag to collect the crushed materials collected in the bag , the small hole of air from the bag out and powder will not out , and thus play no waste , not the effectof pollution . The particlesize is determined by changing to a differentmesh sieve


Specifications of Spice and Herb GrinderSpice and Herb GrinderSpice and Herb Grinder :


 (kg/h)(db)(mesh)(V/3P)(KW/HP)  (kg)
  BMC18010-50< 8510-1203802.2/3HP5500500x500x105085
  BMC 20030-120< 8510-1203804/5HP5000600x600x1200130
  BMC 30060-200< 8510-1203805.5/7HP4500750x650x1350180
  BMC 40080-300< 8510-1203807.5/10HP4200750x700x1400270
  BMC 500100-500< 8510-12038011/15HP4000800x850x1500350
  BMC 600300-1000< 8510-12038018.5/25HP35001000x1000x1900550



Details of BMC Model Spice and Herb Grinder :



 Delivery of BMC Series Spice and Herb Grinder:



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